Abbas Town Blasts: Dozens dead after blasts at Abul Hasan Isphahani Road Karachi

Iqra City after blast near Abbas Town Abul Hassan Ispahani road Karachi

Twin blasts rocked Abbas Town area near Abul Hasan Ispahani Road, Karachi leaving at least 2 dead and 20 injured. This is the same area where a blast was occured few months back. [View the story “Abbas Town blast near Abul Hasan Ispahani Road Karachi” on Storify] Abbas Town blast … Read more

State Terrorism!

state terrorism

Till now I have limited this terminology to the actions different states execute against their adversaries, who are either across the border or some rebel group operating inside the borders. Keeping this in mind, the Israeli siege of Gaza for the last 3 years and the creation of biggest “human … Read more