State Terrorism!

state terrorism

Till now I have limited this terminology to the actions different states execute against their adversaries, who are either across the border or some rebel group operating inside the borders. Keeping this in mind, the Israeli siege of Gaza for the last 3 years and the creation of biggest “human cage” is the best example one can come across. On the other hand the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq following 2001 terror attacks is also no different; keeping in view the miseries natives have faced with prolonged US and its allies campaign.

The Indian forces in occupied Kashmir also qualify in this category, keeping track of the atrocities they commit every day to suppress the voice of Kashmiris, and ruling them against all their wishes. On the other hand we have cases like Sudan where the state protection has seen systematic slaughter of tribes in the name of anti bandits drive.

State terrorism has started silently in Pakistan too, but somehow due to its execution behind the smoke screen, masses have failed to recognize it. Broadly speaking, this terminology has nothing to do with physical killing or massacre in general, but rather it has more to do with the misuse of state apparatus for certain cover up and specific hidden objectives. The most prominent example came in the shape of NRO verdict, where the government has done every thing to block the reopening of cases involving personalities holding top offices now.

Adding up to this, the inquiry into Benazir Bhutto murder case is another example where delaying tactics have put the whole case into cold files, and the best way to explain this is “a misdirected effort is simply the waste of effort”.

Having said this, there is no end to this ongoing “state terrorism” insight, and as far as the trends go, in coming future this practice will become the prime weapon in the arsenal of current regime. Just as I write, a new case has emerged involving the Chairman of HEC, Mr Leghari.

The guy was spearheading the drive against “fake degree holder” parliamentarians which has given sleepless nights to all the political parties in the past few months. Instead of setting up an example for others in term of accountability at party level, first of all the PPP backed Mr Dasti in becoming a member again, although he had resigned as a compulsion few weeks earlier after his degree was declared “illegal”. Later, the top office during a public address boasted on this triumph. In simple words, the credit they desired was nothing short than a declaration of “war against institutes”, making it clear that from now on their words will be the law of the land………Superb. Now that the HEC was all out probing these fraud public office holders, the government using the state apparatus directly struck the person assigned for this task.

News reports were circulating regarding the pressure imposed on the Chairman HEC to resign from his office. With no success, the pressure is now imposed indirectly by getting hold of his brother under the context of corruption charges, and putting him into custody. The guy, although a high ranking official, was apprehended without following the proper procedure and corruption charges were leveled against him. Wow…… I mean the accountability has started in terms of government prospective. What about the report some months earlier where the government was blamed for 400% more corruption than witnessed in the past. The charges against the HEC Chairman’s brother are not even 1% of the amount mentioned in that report. On the other hand people like Dr Babar Awan are still roaming with pride although he and Latif Khosa were directly reported for taking bribe on Haris Steel Mill case. Breaking the unknown silence, PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif has expressed his concern over the handling of HEC Chairman by the present regime, and has made it clear that these acts will not go unnoticed.

I must say that so much has gone unnoticed by the opposition that the public feels least satisfied with their role. The HEC Chairman’s direct request to PM Gillani for providing him security will be seen as the ultimate test for the present regime, and in case the government actions go unchecked be ready for times seen in places like Haiti and Sierra Leone. This has happened in the past, like the missing person cases blocked by President Musharraf but at least one expects the present regime to behave in a democratic way, rather than a true reflection of dictatorial times…………………..

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  1. offcourse terroism is clouded on all sides for the nation but let me tell u all, that whatever the course of time might be,it is evident that poverty and illiteracy leading us to actas such…

  2. hamad

    “@hend…. ideas without justification is nothing more than an effort without direction which is ultimately a waste of effort”

    such as the writing above

  3. “Pakistan has fought the war against extremism at the cost of its own citizens.”

    should read as

    “Pakistan has fought the war for extremism at the cost of its own citizens.”

  4. Pakistan has fought the war against extremism at the cost of its own citizens. This elements are not fighting a foreign occupation, they are opposed to democracy, liberty human rights and freedom of expression the very foundations of our state. So in short we do not have any common ground with the militants the only solution is to corner and eliminate them


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