Terrorist Arrest from Rawalpindi

According to the media reports, three alleged terrorists have been arrested from Rawalpindi, who primarily hail from the Abbotabad region. These terrorists have been arrested by the Federal Investigation Unit, and they have confessed as the perpetrators of the plan to attack the President House.

In an another summary the ministry of interior has warned the federal and provincial governments to be on their toes, as there is a looming danger of suicide attack in the major cities and on the important civil and political personalities. The security of these personalities have been heightened.

The worst affected people of the suicide attacks and the bomb blasts are the passer-bys and the common men who just go about their business and become the victim of a misguided and brainwashed suicide bomber. These common people just become the residual victims and the collateral damage, and nobody then talks about them.

Interior ministry should also issue some sort of warning and they should also do some security measures for these mere mortals.

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