Kill all women!

rape womenThree recent incidents prove that as far as women are concerned,
we’re still living in the Stone Age. The first, about a woman being gang-raped, should not shock us anymore. This is the kind of incident that happens regularly, so much so that it would be shocking if it didn’t occur on any given day. Yet it proves that the poor women in rural areas are treated worse than animals. At least the females of other species are not raped by males!

In the second incident, a pregnant mother of six was first shot
and then thrown into a canal by her brother
because he suspected her of having an illicit affair with a relative.

I suppose it’s no use telling these primitive men that there is a legal way to deal with adulterous women. In any case, who gave the man the right to kill his sister for any reason at all?

The third incident is heart-breaking. A woman of 50, the mother of
eight children, was gang-raped by five men
against whom she complained to the police. Instead of giving comfort and sympathy to the woman, her son-in-law (whom she had brought up as her own son) killed her because “he could not stand peoples’ taunts”.

So this is the kind of treatment our women get in this Islamic Republic! And some deeply religious Pakistanis I know have the gall to say that women have more rights than men in our country.

Image: BBC

3 thoughts on “Kill all women!”

  1. All this garbage propaganda about females. Why should I care when the there are news reports of females who mutilate or set fire to a their husband’s genitalia and it’s viewed as a joke and that he must have deserved it. So what one-sided hypocrites you are….but that is typical of the pro female agenda that has taken over in the Western world.

  2. rightly said yasir, the law enforcement people are nit stupud but they are just there to protect the idiot rich corrupts not poor. And if they dont how would they run their house?!? bribes for them for their work. Its a pig stye.

  3. and a small girl of just 5 years also raped and killed few days ago. no matter what the crimes are, criminals live everywhere but Law enforcing powers are not that stupid as in Pakistan


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