US soldier ducks death penalty over Iraqi rape and murder

Steven Dale Green

Steven Dale Green, an ex-soldier ‘convicted of raping and killing an Iraqi teenager and murdering her family has been spared the death penalty and will serve a life sentence after the jurors couldn’t agree unanimously on a punishment.’, the Telegraph reported last night

On hearing the verdict, Green’s brother and father sighed with relief.

In March 2006, Green along with three other soldiers went to the home of 14 year old Iraqi, Abeer Qassim Al-Janabi. He shot the girl’s mother, father and sister, then raped her before killing her as well.

During the case, Green’s attorney never denied his involvement in the incident, instead focused on the issue that Green did not deserve the capital punishment. His attorney sure was successful in his mission, even after the other three soldiers, who are serving long sentences in military prison, testified against him.

This isn’t an isolated case of the ‘bravery’ of U.S. soldiers. Green is the third reported U.S. soldier who has raped and killed an innocent girl. One wonders how these brutes sleep peacefully at night. Do their actions haunt them or not? Why would it haunt ‘him’? He did his deed and has now even received a tap on the back. Will we see anyone protesting against this unfair verdict?

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