Another innocent girl raped in Pakistan

girl raped in sheikhupura Pakistan

March 24, 2012… Another innocent girl raped… Two policemen among five gang-raped a college student in Sheikhupura… What a shame.

According to the police, the incident took place when a student of college was returning home accompanied by her cousin from coaching centre. Policemen stopped them, confiscating mobile phones and Rs 2,500 cash and threatening the cousin. The accused took a girl to a house, located at Jandiala Sherkhan road, and raped her. The girl was shifted to District Headquarter Hospital (DHQ). The hospital has confirmed that the girl, student of Intermediate first-year was raped. The police said that a case has been registered against the culprits and investigations have been carried out. (That’s what geo news website reported).

Another life ruined, another soul destroyed, another little girl ripped off her innocence and self respect. The victim may be an individual but actually it’s the entire female population that suffers the blow. Certainly the actual victim suffers extreme trauma, both physically and psychologically, but, especially, the entire female sex suffers as well. They suffer from the effects of intimidation, ridicule, rude speculations and overall diminished social status.

Social worker Lesley Hewitt, in a presentation to a Psychiatry and the Law session in Melbourne Australia (1980), emphasized this by her statement that “It is a violation of her physical self and her basic beliefs and assumptions about her environment, about other people and relationships and about herself.” This condition does absolutely nothing to strengthen women’s equal status with their male counterparts, regardless of so-called feminine empowerment.

In the words of another victim, “I know that I will never, ever be the same person again… All women are vulnerable like I am. And if they don’t realize it, they should. Because you never know what’s going to happen… I will always feel like I’m not safe,” she says. “That’s my big issue — trying to continue to feel safe in my own house. I will always be looking over my shoulder and checking the back seat of my truck and always trying to second guess where somebody could be hiding.

It is not possible to truly understand what goes through the mind of a rape victim but the fact exasperates me that why is it happening so frequently? We very arrogantly call ourselves Muslims, Pakistan being the county made for the Muslims of South Asia, the custodians of Faith and look at us… I feel ashamed to continue…

I am unable to comprehend what provokes a sane person to commit such a brutal act and that too against a daughter, a sister and a mother? What kind of satisfaction can be gained of it? How evil and uncalled for, its barbaric.

According to our Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), “A Muslim is he, from whose hands and tongue other Muslims are safe.” Are we Muslims at all?

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