Sovereign Pakistani Parliament Cannot Convict Musharraf

Last week was some how overshadowed by the magnitude of confrontation witnessed in the National Assembly, after nearly a break of one decade. Where Ch. Nisar and Haider Abbas were seen holding on to each other by the horns evidently, in reality the 342 member parliament has sealed its fate for years to come. Once again by themselves the politicians and political forces have given a vacuum first for a convict to escape and secondly another culprit to emerge some time soon.

I don’t know but my ears get sick of listening to the manifesto presented before the masses after the elections last year. It seems like a new breed of politicians have evolved, bathed from the holy waters of democracy, when all we heard was that “national reconciliation” and “parliament sovereignty” as the talk of the town. In the books of wisdom new additions were made that no matter how much oppression you are subjected to, democracy will fight it out. Amazing!

Mr. P.M, honorable Gilani has so softly rung the defeat bells for parliament in terms of Musharraf trial by saying that Article 6 will be an option if it is possible and “lets do the doable” are indeed not the words which one would like to hear from a man, who holds the key to the most sovereign institute in the country. Any way, especially the idealist opposition in the shape of PML-N was day dreaming until now if they had in mind that Mush will stand trial, as far the current time is concerned. Whether a foreign hand or a hidden hand, simply written the lack of “will” is the real factor.

But at the same time one is also amazed by the priorities in the mind of our political players. Where nation is still searching for answer to questions like have they overcome the Taliban dilemma, whether we will spend the next year again without adequate electricity or will there be any flour and sugar left for the consumer, the establishment has the other way around. In terms of reconciliation we have a visible answer that what they really mean by it. One still sees Balochistan as neglected as ever, still a fight is under way for the prized throne of Punjab and now Mr. Holbrook will be the person to decide the fate of local bodies’ government in Pakistan.

What we want from them is that for once stop playing with words and be honest to the nation what you really care. Instead of sorting out what is “doable”, it will be better that from now on do what you can and accept what you cannot. The whole crisis seems to be a personal feud or clash between two individuals, in which they always find a playing field to carry it on. We know very well what has already been settled in terms of drones, at least its still time to stop what is coming in the shape of American colonization of Pakistan (the new consulate in Islamabad and 7,000 marines).

It was well understood that Mush has secured a safe exit before he left the place and he has not left any space for any further action. Now this can have only two implications i.e. it was unavoidable to give him this passage or in some way the present establishment has followed the trend by which they have kept an option for themselves open, in case the time arrives and use the same path. This action has left the 160 million Pakistanis once again depending upon the shoulders of Supreme Court to answer the call, as the corridors of power have simply stopped exercising the authority.

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  1. James, there were no German speakers here whom I could converse with. There used to be a Pakistan-German Cultural Centre (later named Goethe Institute), but after graduation in engineering, I had no time to go there. And throughout my career, I’ve always been very busy (once I had a full time job, and I used to teach in engineering university part time, as well as executing mechanical engineering contracts-all this was from 1973 to 1981). So there was no time for practicing German.

  2. Doch, Uberraschung! Es geht mir gut, mein Freund! Ich kann Sich sagen, Ich bin im Frankfurt am Mein geboren. Meine Mutter war eine Schottlanderin, und mein Vater war ein Amerikanische Soldat; die beiden arbeitete bei SCHEAF (Supreme Headquarters European Allied Forces) fur sieben Jahren. Sie hatte in Deutschland getroffen und geheiraten, nach dem Zwitten Weltskrieg, und Ich bin da geboren.

    Vielleicht Sie sehen kann, es macht Mir spas zu Deutsch sprechen. Und Sie auch, entzuckend!

    I have a very few German friends here, and get a little practice; it’s easy to get rusty with your languages if you don’t have anyone to speak them with. I read foreign online newspapers in the languages I know to keep up to speed; it helps a lot. *Der Spiegel* is a great rag. You can triangulate on the big news items that way, too.

  3. Wie gehts, mein Herr Spratt? Konnen Sie mir sagen, wo waren Sie geborn? I knew a lot of German as a teenager, James, but forgot most of it due to neglect. One of these days I’ll try to re-learn it.


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