Mustafa Kamal: The Man Who Broke It All

Mustafa Kamal with Altaf HussainMustafa Kamal, self acclaimed “World’s Dau Number Mayor”, the verbal flogger and media abuser, will go down in the history of Karachi as the guy who came, who saw and who broke it all.

Apparently he believes that construction begins with destruction. For more than two years he ripped Karachi open from end to end. From Gulistan-e-Johar to Tower and Korangi to Hub, every other road was dug to build flyovers, underpasses, more roads and what not. Billions were wasted on a drainage system that was claimed to be “enough for next 30 years” and we have seen how efficient it was during few hours of rain in Karachi.

While public money was spend on building parks at every available, and occupied, nook and corner, nothing was done for education, sanitation, health, traffic management and general benefit of the public, even for their voters who were following like crazy, adhering to the tunes of Kamal and his God Father in London.

Most recently Mustafa Kamal “Bhai”, whose tenure as City Nazim of Karachi will end in next few days, went to court against the order of Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah, whereby Nazims were banned from selling, transferring or allotting government land. Why on earth Kamal is making this an issue when he should be packing his bags, can be anybody’s guess. However, this action (which certainly can not happen without the nod of the guy in London) has pitched PPP and MQM against each other, once again.

Here is how media is reporting this issue:

Mustafa Kamal challenged CM order in Court

CM justified his order

Sasi Palejo criticizes Mustafa Kamal

CM says MQM apologized on Mustafa Kamal attitude

MQM denies apologizing on Mustafa Kamal statement

For now, it seems that the unnatural alliance between MQM and PPP is on the verge of a breakup, and if that happens then Karachi will be destabilized and Mustafa Kamal will be blamed as the man who broke it all.

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  1. @Kashif Aziz:

    Mustafa Kamal has said many times in his media interviews that why Circular Railway project is delayed. All preparation has been completed by city govt. The only problem is the funding from federal govt. These kinds of projects requires huge budgets and approval, financing from federal govt. So, it is better to ask to ppp federal govt.

  2. Mustafa kamal u have proven ur self as a great nazim u have done those work which no body do before u.Bt my extremely request u that plz confirm the route of CNG buses to landhi to civil hospital.I m student of federal urdu university in abdullah haq campus so plz help me. may be my request send to mustafa kamal through ur website.

  3. Kashif Aziz, thanks for posting your opinion on this. I agree with you 100%. The problem is, certain individuals in this country and particularly in Karachi appear to believe that they own the city and that nobody else has the right to run its administration but them. And there are cowards among us who think it’s unholy to criticize or even comment on any negative aspect of their so-called political (a better name would be “ghunda” or gangster parties) or their long distance puppeteers. They should realize that not everything they do is right and everyone has the right to express their opinions.

    I’m sure that once this nazim’s tenure comes to an end (probably very soon, good riddens), only then will the facts about how much was actually spent on development projects in the city and how much was spent to fill their own pockets and those of the long distance uncles and to pay their hefty bills so that they may continue to live their lives peacefully in palaces abroad start trckling out.

    Don’t give in to ghunda culture and say what you believe is right. Keep up the good work Kashif!

  4. @kashif; i think you should admit and appreciate that this local govt has done better than anyone else and has set an example for the rest of the country, be pakistani.

  5. I do not belong to any party.

    By the way, Mustafa Kamal took back the petition. Out of court settelment maybe?

    Wonder why he is not going to court against encroachments, failure to implement Mass Transit Plan, failure to initiate Health and Education services, failed sewerage system and killer dumper trucks?

  6. Kashif, you are just one hell of a loser. MK made me supporter of MQM from one of the biggest hatred of MQM. I don’t need to say any thing in support of MK, every Karachite knows what he gave to Karachi.

    Shame on you Kashif. By the way which Party you belong to. We need to think above Party, be a Pakistani.

    Pakistan Zindabad.

  7. Mr. Kashif Aziz, Karachi have been neglected by every government before Maushraf. Pakistan collects 75$% of total tax revenue from Karachi and had spend very little on it before Maushraf Govt. Mr Mustafa Kamal has proven himself as great city nazim and a leader who have the ability to turn around city like Karachi and this country where majority of people are like your self unproductive and total lossers who have their own political agenda. I can tell this with assurance that you have no real interest in welfare of Karachi.
    I am sure you will like to see all these development project some where in Punjab. Its easy to criticez people who are real go getter who knows how to plan and execute projects and they are real civic leader like Kamal Mustafa……..

  8. @Muqeet

    MQM is enjoying power since last 7 years, wonder when they are going to implement the Mass Transit System.

    Metro rail and elevated express way are far fetched ideas. Right now concerned citizens and environmental organizations have shown serious reservations on the EE and it may take at least 5 years to implement, if it ever gonna start. We need quick solutions.

    “the sweden buses were made for cold areas , if u know these buses have the engine on back”

    I have seen these buses in Saudi and even in UAE. I believe these are not cold areas.

    ” all those buses were hijacked , crushed by transport mafia , u never wrote abt it bcoz you support mafia”

    Apparently mafia seems to be far stronger and well organized than the government. Why these people continue to call themselves peoples’ representatives and enjoy our tax money when they are unable to curb this mafia?

    Incidentally, current transport minsiter of Sindh is himself a big transporter. What is MQM’s stance on this?

  9. @ Kashif Aziz
    i think you are not aware of the Karachi Mass Transit System, which includes metro rail, green bus and elevated express way

    ]Nazim in every programme says that the Light rain should be started and every country’s federal Government finance it but he didnt ask money he completed he survey, make a report ,its about 1 billion dollar project cost which would be financed by(read carefully) JICA Japan investment company, the only thing they require is the soverign gurantee from Federal, and more than a year there is no answer . why Mr Kashif you dont write about this issue. bcoz u have a threat.
    He have requested to Federal n remind him again n again

    but u only can critisize to nazim not to others .

    Yaar drainage system was there but that was a very small area on that time, there was only the poulation of 300,000 .

    I never crticize Naimatullah , he done this job, but with out having a study,
    the sweden buses were made for cold areas , if u know these buses have the engine on back , , all those buses were hijacked , crushed by transport mafia , u never wrote abt it bcoz you support mafia


    I think you are missing the point altogether. Nobody is criticizing the work done by current CDGK. However, it has been observed that when something is achieved, the Nazim is there to take credit but when something wrong happened, nobody takes the blame. What do you say about it?

    “you even didnt show that MK have started green buses ,”

    The first “green” bus in Karachi was launched by Naimatullah Khan. He initiated the concept and facilitated the arrival and launch of buses from Sweden (The Swede Bus Project). However, Karachi’s traffic issue can not be resolved by launching buses. It will only make the situation worse. I can’t understand why the circular railway can not be reinstated or instead of spending so much on the flyovers and underpasses, a ovearhead tram/train system was not launched.

    Please ask your Nazim about it.

    You say there was no drainage system. I will recommend you to read the history of Karachi and how the British paved the roads, established main markets and built the drainage system. We never seriously tried to built on it.


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