Mustafa Kamal: The Man Who Broke It All

Mustafa Kamal with Altaf HussainMustafa Kamal, self acclaimed “World’s Dau Number Mayor”, the verbal flogger and media abuser, will go down in the history of Karachi as the guy who came, who saw and who broke it all.

Apparently he believes that construction begins with destruction. For more than two years he ripped Karachi open from end to end. From Gulistan-e-Johar to Tower and Korangi to Hub, every other road was dug to build flyovers, underpasses, more roads and what not. Billions were wasted on a drainage system that was claimed to be “enough for next 30 years” and we have seen how efficient it was during few hours of rain in Karachi.

While public money was spend on building parks at every available, and occupied, nook and corner, nothing was done for education, sanitation, health, traffic management and general benefit of the public, even for their voters who were following like crazy, adhering to the tunes of Kamal and his God Father in London.

Most recently Mustafa Kamal “Bhai”, whose tenure as City Nazim of Karachi will end in next few days, went to court against the order of Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah, whereby Nazims were banned from selling, transferring or allotting government land. Why on earth Kamal is making this an issue when he should be packing his bags, can be anybody’s guess. However, this action (which certainly can not happen without the nod of the guy in London) has pitched PPP and MQM against each other, once again.

Here is how media is reporting this issue:

Mustafa Kamal challenged CM order in Court

CM justified his order

Sasi Palejo criticizes Mustafa Kamal

CM says MQM apologized on Mustafa Kamal attitude

MQM denies apologizing on Mustafa Kamal statement

For now, it seems that the unnatural alliance between MQM and PPP is on the verge of a breakup, and if that happens then Karachi will be destabilized and Mustafa Kamal will be blamed as the man who broke it all.

22 thoughts on “Mustafa Kamal: The Man Who Broke It All”

  1. @ Kashif Aziz have a visit to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital trauma center in
    Gulberg town, Landhi town and Shahfaisal town , you are sick person , you even didnt show that MK have started green buses , bloody hell you the people finds always negative stuff in every one
    Mr Kashif negative persoanlity, when there is the need of surgery Doctors have to cut the body and than do the treatment , when there was no sewerage line or draingae system ….

    255 mm rain what you think 30 years record you want MK toi fight with natural disaters , sick man,

  2. all the major the political parties have been winning the seat from their respective provinces and cities but apart from upper punjab and karachi there is not a single industrial city in the whole country, these political parties with a historical political background has given nothing to their voter and it make them feel shame when their city is compared with karachi.

  3. He has commented that “They could destabilize the whole system within seven days if the MQM chief Altaf Hussain allowed them” reported by The News. After which the tussle between MQM and PPP had a hype. Is this behavior in backdrop of Karachi’s development tolerable?
    why every one always compare his attitude with Karachi’s development?

  4. I’ve heard from others that he’s done a good job, in fact, people who never had any sympathy for the MQM have now become its supporters, all because of Mustafa Kamal’s efforts to modernize Karachi.

  5. He has is issues, but you have to admit he did more for Karachi than any of the people previously.

    I’d still want the LG system to continue and once it continues for 10 more years, you’ll see even more changes in Karachi.

  6. mustafa kamal has done his best specially if we compare him with the governments of the past, i understand that there were things which were not planned or implemented fully but comparitively he did the best and we all should appreciate and support not only him but also this new system of local governemnt.

  7. Kamal did good job with the city. Instead of putting all in pockets like past rulers and administrator he has given most back to the people. If you want to see how son of soils manage, go to Board of Secondary Education and see the rampant corruption in broad daylight.


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