How long should a man stay away from his family?

How long can a married woman live without her husband? If the man has four wives, he will spend only twenty five percent of his time with her, but what about the woman whose Tableeghi Jamaat husband stays away for long periods lasting (in some cases) upto a year? Will she not feel bad that her husband is not around to share her problems? Will her children grow up to be normal individuals? I doubt it.

One of my wife’s brothers used to work abroad, and would only come home twice a year to be with his family. Both his sons were brainwashed into joining the Tableeghi Jamaat, and since they’re absolutely unemployable, they do nothing but spend long hours in the nearby mosque talking to men like themselves who also have nothing to do. And every now and then, they join other Tableeghi Jamaat members and go on countrywide tours telling villagers how to wash their private parts. Their poor father has to pay the expenses of both his daughters-in-law and his grandchildren as well. I wonder how they will survive after he’s dead.

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  1. On of my immediate neighbour (living in the same block of the flats) had not seen her son for the past 20 years since he had not come back from US and he had not gone for “tabligh”, he had gone to work there. There are many other examples like these.

  2. @ Ahsan: “Kind of people like you, like Mohammad asif (crickter) with drug, shoaib akhtar with girl friends and many other with alcohol…..” Typical response from an illiterate person. For your information, I have never even smoked a cigarette in my life. You people don’t like anyone who doesn’t believe in your version of Islam, so the minute you come across anyone who has different beliefs than yours, you assume he spends his all his time and money on wine and women.

  3. @Shakir, You are only anti-tableighi, that’s it. Kind of people like you, like Mohammad asif (crickter) with drug, shoaib akhtar with girl friends and many other with alcohol but don’t like guys with beard,praying Salat and doing good deeds like Inzamam ul haq,Mohammad Yousaf,Saeed Anwar,Saqlain Mushtaq and now shahid Afridi.
    Efforts of Tableighi people are sincere and they have devoted themselves towards islam.
    Thousands of non-Muslims are converting every day in Europe and America.The question is how and why?
    Islam spread with preaching, just like, our beloved Prophet hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) did.His companion did the same work and that’s why you are Muslim today.
    Is there any organization in Islam, which is doing this work of Dawah(Preaching)?
    Thousands of christian organizations(Missionaries) are registered in London and they are preaching through out the world.
    There is a one organization in Islam which is very weak but with the help of Allah swt, it is alive.
    If you can’t do this work of Dawah (Preaching) then please don’t stop others to do that.It’s my humble request to you!


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