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Reading Quran can change your life

Being a Muslim I have came across a lot beautiful things but only when I actually started to understand Quran by it’s real meaning. By the grace of Allah I took a short course of Arabic and was able to understand Quran even more easily and amazingly came across so many new things. Islam is […]

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Pakistan Floods Woman

One Thing Every Human Should Have is Humanity!

It’s very common now a days in our society that we hardly care about the fact that human beings are one community around the whole world rather we care about is which part of the world we are living in and which cast we belong to. In our Pakistani community people have forgotten that they […]

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A Brief View of The Glorious Night Of Mairaj

Just one year before the Hijrat from Mecca to Medina, on the 27th night of Rajab, Prophet Muhammad PBUH had a unique experience in the history of all religions. The Prophet PBUH, accompanied by Angel Gabriel was taken for Night Journey-(ISRA) from Mecca to Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. There he led a congregation of the […]

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Teenage Drug Use

Drug Abuse and Alcohol: A serious threat for Young Generation!

As it’s commonly noticed now a days that hobbies like sports, reading, painting are vanishing day by day. Interests of our young generation are smoking, hanging out on Sheesha bars , gulping down the water in the bottle “alcohol “. The factor of COOL and UNCOOL is spreading like an epidemic disease in universities, colleges […]

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Morning show hosts “Be Sophisticated”

As we all know morning shows are all “in” now a days on Pakistani media, I have noticed something that annoy me up to an extent and that is it’s a morning show not a bridal show and so please all morning show hosts out there you don’t have to over do your make up […]

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