Reading Quran can change your life


Being a Muslim I have came across a lot beautiful things but only when I actually started to understand Quran by it’s real meaning. By the grace of Allah I took a short course of Arabic and was able to understand Quran even more easily and amazingly came across so many new things.

Islam is a beautiful religion, Islam is perfect but Muslims are not at all perfect, so if you are looking for Islam, look for it in Quran. The divine guidance revealed to the last prophet of Allah beloved Muhammad (peace be upon him).

I belong to an ordinary Muslim family, just like everybody I came through some hardships in my life, I became so depressed and upset, and just when I asked Allah to help me with my life an idea crossed my mind and I took the Arabic course which changed my life.

I started researching Islam, and then I was amazingly able to harvest the real flow of universe, it was just like that SOMEONE so great out there in skies was helping me, was teaching so many new things, and it only happened when I started to recite and understand Quran on daily basis I fell in love with it.

So if anybody out there is looking for an answer about what is happening in their lives just go buy a translation of Quran of any language that you can understand. I don’t care what religion you belong to, just give it a try. This is a human to human advise. Because I am a normal human being and I found all the solutions of my problems through Quran and through reading about the life of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), although I live in a Muslim society but I never understood Islam until I started researching for it my self.

I guarantee you this “Book” is a divine guidance, a guidance which which will bring from the darkness unto the light, so to all the troublesome people out there in the world if you want peace in your life just go read Quran then you will understand what I am trying to tell you.

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  1. very informative. In fact lately I too have started to read tafsir of Quran and have started to better understand many things that were vague to be before. Finding my quest interesting, I have penned down my readings in my blog for others to join me in reading translation and tafsir of Quran in very layman’s language.


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