Morning show hosts “Be Sophisticated”

As we all know morning shows are all “in” now a days on Pakistani media, I have noticed something that annoy me up to an extent and that is it’s a morning show not a bridal show and so please all morning show hosts out there you don’t have to over do your make up and dressing.

Usually I don’t even want to see my on face in the mirror in morning before having the first mug of coffee and so in that situation when you switch on the television to get yourself updated with the latest things going on and you pass through all those channels with those morning show hosts and when you see them with too much of makeup and all those KAAMDAAR SHADI type JORAS and those big JHUMKAS.

I mean you just can’t take it early in morning so please give us a break be a little sophisticated it’s a morning show so one should dress up like that , no doubt you must be doing a good job but please don’t make people run away from you !!!

3 thoughts on “Morning show hosts “Be Sophisticated””

  1. 🙂 Well I agree that morning show hosts are dressed like they are attending
    a wedding functions but obviously they cant host a show in a night suit too 🙂

    The best morning transmission was on PTV hosted by Mustansar Hussain tarrar
    and Qurat ul Ain Haider way back in 90’s , sophisticated and educated people sharing something
    really good everyday.


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