Drug Abuse and Alcohol: A serious threat for Young Generation!

Teenage Drug UseAs it’s commonly noticed now a days that hobbies like sports, reading, painting are vanishing day by day. Interests of our young generation are smoking, hanging out on Sheesha bars , gulping down the water in the bottle “alcohol “.

The factor of COOL and UNCOOL is spreading like an epidemic disease in universities, colleges and even in schools. The kids who are on straight path and are trying to protect themselves from such addictions are known as UNCOOL NERDS and kids who prefer drugs in parties over studies and healthy activities are referred as THE COOL PEOPLE. Here is when the trigger snaps being referred as UNCOOL NERDS can provoke kids to take serious steps either they get sick of depression or they get addicted to THE COOL STUFF and ruin their lives.

Drug abuse is getting more and more common widespread drug abuse may be indicated by the fact that almost five percent of the adult population is using drugs in Pakistan. As a proportion of drug abusers, heroin users have increased from 7.5 percent in 1983 to a shocking 51 percent a decade later in 1993.

I think some of the major reasons are that in Pakistan drugs like alcohol and heroin are strictly prohibited but it’s available on a large scale and no one is checking over them, it’s so obvious when such things are available easily so why won’t people buy them? As it’s the COOL factor of the society know a days. So who is to blame the youth, their families or the system? What I think is every one has to contribute their part.

The families who have parents addicted to alcohol or smoking tobacco should at least avoid doing them in front of their children. Universities, Colleges and Schools should conduct workshops telling kids that how much drugs and alcohol can harm them, but most importantly when drugs will be banned strictly and will not be easily available so the ratio of drugs abuse can come down to a large extent.

Pakistani Government should take major steps on banning such drugs that can harm people’s lives before the youth which is suppose to run our dear country ends in fire and smoke.

11 thoughts on “Drug Abuse and Alcohol: A serious threat for Young Generation!”

  1. @Sagar:

    I am A student and living in the environment where ppl do drugs, smoke. In my university, the trend of smoking is increasing day by day. I can say it is the COOL and UNCOOL factor that is pushing students towards take drugs

    Drug addicts are known as losers all over the world. Maybe in the retarded university that you go to drug addiction is cool. There are many people who start drugs only to know what it “feels” like, not because it is cool.

    when you dont smoke, dont do drugs you are a nerd only… An uncool nerd!!!

    Hahahaha. Good joke.

    Everybody want friends and need recognition , so most people resort to using these things,

    If that was true, then the only people they would get recognition from would be other drug addicts. Wow, that is so cool! People doing drugs to get recognition from real losers. People get recognition from excellence in academics, sports, etc. Not from doing drugs.

    Making drugs unavailable is not a COMPLETE solution!!

    Then why don’t you suggest the complete solution.


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