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bonded labor

Labor Exploitation by Desi Community in the UK

For a soul coming from an underdeveloped or developing country, the quality life being promised by a fully-fledged developed country like the United Kingdom is indeed a blissful joy. Such exuberance is further complemented by the country’s strong commitment to preserve the basic rights. The right to ensure labors earn their due share in a […]

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NED Team Victory

NED Team Victory preparing for Shell Eco Marathon

In this era of energy crisis, engineers are working hard to find possibilities for maximum efficiency with minimum power consumption. Considering the same goal, Shell organizes a competition with the name Shell Eco-Marathon where young engineers of different institutes from all over the world bring their vehicles, especially designed for better mileage. The competition takes […]

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Syria Crisis

Syria Crisis: Pakistan joins Iran and China to reject Bashar al Assad regime change

On 9 August 2012, Pakistan formally joined the group of countries rejecting prospects of foreign intervention in Syria in favor of the Syrian government. The decision came in the international consultative meeting hosted by Iran and attended by representatives from Russia, China, Belarus, Mauritania, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Benin, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, […]

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PTI Jalsa Lahore

PTI Jalsa in Lahore: Is the Silent Majority Awake Now?

Fifteen years of slow but steady struggle which sometimes looked like a one-man show and labelled as just a fan club by critics has surely turned the tables in one big show of strength. “The Lahore Jalsa” has shaken repeatedly tested corrupt giants. There is a fear in their ways, and you can sense it. […]

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Balochistan Burning

Why Balochistan is Burning?

Balochistan is the largest province by area of Pakistan. It occupies 347,190 sq.km areas out of 996,096 sq.km total area of Pakistan. It covers 44% of the total area of Pakistan. But it has smallest population. It population consist only 5% of the population of Pakistan. Balochistan is situated in the south-west of Pakistan. It […]

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Pakistan Pride of Performance

Well deserved Hilal , Nishan & Sitara!

To an utterly dumbfounded reader, news in every paper on 15th August 2011 read: “Senate Chairman Farooq H. Naek, National Assembly Speaker Dr Fehmida Mirza, Interior Minister Rahman Malik, Secretary General to President Salman Faruqui and late Punjab Governor Salman Taseer have been nominated for ‘Nishan-i-Imtiaz’. Similarly, the chairperson of Benazir Income Support Programme, Ms […]

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London riots Tottenham

London Riots: What the youth want?

Not all Londoners are rioters. Likewise, not all Muslims or Pakistanis are terrorists. Violence is not the legacy of a single group, religion, race, or country. It is a state of mind, arousing due to continuous build-up and subsequent outburst of frustration of some genre. Just that the global community (read = international media) labels […]

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Hillary Clinton

Sleep Condemning America

Old Pakistan: I begin in the name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful. Enlightened moderation: I begin by thanking Honourable Hilary Clinton for briefing us Pakistanis about what is happening in our country, and what our future is, because nobody from our current rulers (not leaders mind you!) have told us this so far. “This […]

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Terrorists Vow To Seek Revenge

The prayers of getting justice, by many Muslims and non- Muslims who had suffered at the hands of Osama Bin Laden’s terrorism was answered on May 2nd, 2011. It was a historic day for the innocent and peace-leaving people, when Osama Bin Laden (OBL), the face of death and the symbol of terrorism was killed […]

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got bin laden

Osama Bin Laden, Pakistan Foreign Office and Silence of the Lambs

“We feel that that sort of misadventure or miscalculation would result in a terrible catastrophe,” said the graceful Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir. “There should be no doubt Pakistan has adequate capacity to ensure its own defence.” Without a spectacle of doubt, this was targeted at India- the Indian media and the in house debate that […]

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