London Riots: What the youth want?

London riots Tottenham

Not all Londoners are rioters. Likewise, not all Muslims or Pakistanis are terrorists.

Violence is not the legacy of a single group, religion, race, or country. It is a state of mind, arousing due to continuous build-up and subsequent outburst of frustration of some genre. Just that the global community (read = international media) labels one sort of violence as ‘terrorism’, another as ‘war on terror’ and yet another as mere ‘rioting’.

Despite all the difference in cause and purpose of the rioting, there are similarities in the riots that engulfed UK this week and those that had erupted in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya earlier this year. Both started with the assault of police on a youth, both swelled through organized usage of social media and both have remained unusually safe as regards human life (unless government unleashed use of force).

So what is it that youth wants? What is it that causes the youth all over the world to adopt forceful chaotic measures to get their voices heard? A change from the deliberate status quo and rising class difference being steadily maintained by those in power? Or the need to stop daunting discretions on the though process of the current generation? Is the world really divided along the lines of civilized and uncivilized nations, or is it factually a division of the old and the current streams of thoughtful rebellion?

I am not in the least a supporter of the violent ways a minority from the Muslim community has resorted to for claiming freedom for Palestine, Kashmir and Afghanistan against the West, but the recent incidents of mass murder by a Christian extremist in Oslo and the recent looting and torching of public and private property in UK, clearly indicate that violence is an outcome of pushing a community, a generation, a race or a religion to the wall through forced perceptions that are wholly or partly based on untruth and not a side effect of religious or cultural beliefs.

Certainly, these are times of consideration for the war mongers, the vindictive governments, the biased perceptions and the opinion makers of today. Is counter violence the only way to curb violent tendencies? Is religion, region and ethnicity the only basis of declaration of terrorist inclinations or legitimate protesting? There is a dire need to change policies of creating wider class divide by restricting power and economy in the hands of few of the world’s MNC’s while depriving the rest of the world’s population of their basic human rights of food and shelter.

I was touched by the civility and calm prevailing in UK as huge contrast to what I came back to in Pakistan. Whether the unrest in this part of the world is foreign triggered or not is another conspiracy theory, yet as much as I’m sad to see a peaceful society burning down three consecutive nights in the West, my heart cries day and night to see the once peaceful region that I live in now in tatters and bleeding violence too.

I repeat- Not all Londoners are rioters. Likewise, not all Muslims or Pakistanis are terrorists. The West must stop droning Pakistan.

By Nabiha Chauhdry

10 thoughts on “London Riots: What the youth want?”

  1. Very well written Nabiha

    You have rightly pointed out, that violence does not have a particular tag. The self labelled western “civilised” nations showed how civil parts of their society really are.

    The scary thing is the governments in these countries are doing the opposite of what they need to do i.e. find out the root cause and address the issues of chronic poverty in some parts of London, lapse of morals, society based on materialistic consumption etc.

    I enjoyed reading the article.

  2. Very well written,at least people in West/UK should realise it is not only the muslims who r terrorists, these situations can arise anywhere looking at what n where the world is aiming towards.

  3. Guys, relax. Nobody is happy about the deaths of course. I guess we all also need to read this blog I found thoroughly enjoyable. In a lighter mood please.


  4. We condone the riots in London and believe that tolerance must be promoted. This is what happens in Pakistan on regular basis I believe.

  5. @ Yasir I think you should reconsider your statement. Britain is also home to thousands of Pakistanis and this violence will effect them also. Whether Karachi or London, innocents are the most to suffer at hands of violence.

  6. Frankly speaking, I am happy on that.
    West is involved from long time in terror or terror making activities inside
    Pakistan and rest of Muslim world. Now this fire started in their home too.
    So they must know what are the disadvantages of having bad law and order situation.

  7. Article well written. Lets hope it reaches to the eyes and ears of those
    who are meant to read it.

    On another note, It is worth mentioning that that here rioters in
    Pakistan do not loot for their own personal happiness they just burn the whole place down.
    These riots in Pakistan tells us the peaceful looking west is only
    peaceful by law, in nature they are all selfish idiots. Another shocking thing was when
    I saw this young white guy mugged a already bleeding person asking for help on the street.


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