Why Balochistan is Burning?

Balochistan Burning

Balochistan is the largest province by area of Pakistan. It occupies 347,190 sq.km areas out of 996,096 sq.km total area of Pakistan. It covers 44% of the total area of Pakistan. But it has smallest population. It population consist only 5% of the population of Pakistan. Balochistan is situated in the south-west of Pakistan. It touch boundaries with Iran, Afghanistan and Arabia Sea. It is covered, protected and bounded by Arabian Sea water as well as Suliman Range, Toba Kakar Range and Chagi Hills and mountains.The Chaman pass connect it with CAR’s. It has very important geo strategic position. This unique position make it distinguished and attractive region.

Balochistan has abundant natural resources which include oil, gas, gold, coal and other precious materials and minerals. God made it a home of opportunities and resources but humans are making it a land of hatred and terrorism. Today the land of Balochistan is red with the blood of its sons. The question arose that “why Balochistan is burning? Why there is intolerance and disturbance in Balochistan?”. The answer of these is not easy. There are different reasons we have to go back toward historical background of Balochistan socio political development.

Baloschistan was a self governed area from centuries. It was invaded by Muslims during the caliphate of Hazrat Usman (R.A) period. Later on different Muslims ruled but for most time Balochistan remained under influence of tribal and elite class. Balochistan was divided into number of political units. Each political unit was governed by their respective Khan’s Nawab or landlord. Balochistan remained tribal society. Each tribe has its own chief, who governs the tribe. With the passage of time tribal institution became powerful due to these reasons Balochistan became strong hold of khan’s Nawab and land lords.

After partition, Balochistan remain as an area up to 70’s. In 70’s Balochistan status was upgraded as a province but never got democratic setup due to strong influence of Khans, Nawabs and tribal elite class. The tribal elite class became stronger in Balochistan due to disturbance, anarchy and monarchy in Balochistan. These non democratic attitudes took Balochistan toward present situation. All matters are regulated by Jirga system. Although according to constitution jirga has no right to decide any case, but Government always support jirga system in Balochistan, which push Balochistan toward anarchy. The judiciary and democratic institutions are weak in Balochistan. People have no trust in them, so they go for jirga.

After 1970s when Balochistan got the status of province the tribal elite class occupied seats in national and provincial assemblies and parliament. They legislate for their interest, so democracy failed to gain power in Balochistan. Due to geo strategic position Balochistan became the ground of international game. Different agencies are working in Balochistan for their own interest and agendas. According to recent report of a think tank, approximately 25 countries are involved in the game of Balochistan. Every and each state wants to occupy Balochistan, therefore they are working to increase their influence in Balochistan. They are playing with the future of Balochs and Balochistan.

By: Zain Khattak

4 thoughts on “Why Balochistan is Burning?”

  1. we appreciate ur real research about balochistan. we expect from that u will write new columns about the current situation of balochistan after 2007 till to now. live long the truth writers. thank u khttak sab

  2. Well i totally agree with you that Balochistan is burning but now it has improved its culture to some extent . Gov should make Balochistan as Primary objective insead of corruption . I am not adversed with Pak Gov at all but I think that if they want to improve, everything can be improved . Today we are having so many talented educated people jobless . Every well educated citizen of Pakistan is going abroad to get job and serve some other nation which is v.wrong . The people should also change thier thinking that they are not supposed to server themselves they have to serve the country , everystep they took should be beneficial for the country . Why Jirga system is accpeted by them ? Because the ppl want this system . NoOne else but our own ppl have created this system . Finally i think that being united and working for the nation can brought the dear land Pakistan to Top countries . Inshahallah


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