Terrorists Vow To Seek Revenge

The prayers of getting justice, by many Muslims and non- Muslims who had suffered at the hands of Osama Bin Laden’s terrorism was answered on May 2nd, 2011.

It was a historic day for the innocent and peace-leaving people, when Osama Bin Laden (OBL), the face of death and the symbol of terrorism was killed in a military operation. Justice, on the side of humanity and the innocent, was served.

OBL death comes at a time when the Muslim world, who rejected his ideology of violent change, now strives for freedom and democracy through civil rights and social progress. However, while OBL death provides momentary relief, we bear in mind that this does not mean the end of Al-Qaeda (AQ) terrorism. We remain committed, along with the international community and our regional allies to defeating AQ and Taliban terrorism.

Unfortunately soon afterwards, statements were released by AQ, Afghan Taliban and the TTP, who confirmed his death and vowed to increase attacks in revenge for his death. Ehsanullah Ehsan, a spokesman for Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), told Reuters that, “Now Pakistani rulers, Zardari and the army will be our first targets. America will be our second target.”

Their statement reconfirms OBL’s death, and, like OBL, their disregard towards attacking Muslims. Most importantly, does it not show their hypocrisy? Have they not targeted and killed more innocent Pakistani and Afghan civilians than Americans? And now once again, in return for the life of a single foreign mass murderer they are willing to increase their attacks and target Pakistanis. Does this not tell you who Pakistan’s real enemy is?

CDR Bill Speaks
DET- U.S. Central Command

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3 thoughts on “Terrorists Vow To Seek Revenge”

  1. A number of circles are saying that a communication gap
    exists between US and Pakistan. But I believe that the ambassador of
    Pakistan in US can act as a bridge between the two governments.

  2. The world is not interested in our sovereignty and whether or not it
    was compromised due to the raid in Abbottabad. It is more interested in
    knowing how Osama bin Laden managed to hide in Pakistan for so many
    years. I believe Hussain Haqqani is doing a good job of presenting our
    viewpoint to the world community on the Bin Laden issue.

  3. Ambassador Haqqani has been unfairly criticized on the issue of investigation.
    It is actually in Pakistan’s interest that a fair and accurate investigation be carried out, on the Abbotabad issue.


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