Will This Muslim Girl Be Allowed To Live After Changing Religion?

Rifqa Bary

A 17 year old Muslim girl (Rifqa Bary) has converted to Christianity in Ohio, U.S. According to CNN, the girl (who was earlier reported missing) was found in Florida, living in the home of the Rev Blake Lorenz of the Global Revolution Church in Orlando. Rifqa Bary quoted her father as saying “you are dead to me and I will kill you.” But her father (Muhammad Bary) denied this and said that he had no problem with his daughter practicing any faith (although he would have preferred her to be a Muslim). Rifqa’s attorney John Stemberger is convinced that Islamic radicals would kill her if she returned to Ohio.

So will Rifqa be allowed to live?

Or will she be killed by those who think that she deserves to die?

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  1. @ Hend: it’s generally assumed that Saudi Arabia is the only country where Sharia is implemented. This is true only to the extent that it applies to the poor and foreigners, the upper ruling class is exempted. When Pakistani courts ordered the cutting of hands for theft in the days of Zia Ul Haq, there was an international uproar and so far not a single hand has been cut. And the second Khalifa (Umar) suspended the cutting of hands of thieves because of rampant poverty at the time. As I said, Islam stresses on forgiveness. In Pakistan, Christians are implicated in blasphemy cases and sentenced to death (again, no one has ever been executed for blasphemy, although many have been killed by individuals). Although the Holy Prophet (pbuh) himself was subjected to all kinds of slander, he never ordered the killing of the slanderers.


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