Why Indians and Pakistanis fight each other and how to bridge the gap?

In the comments section of every blog and youtube video, and in chatrooms, I notice something in common. There is always a war on between an Indian and a Pakistani. Although comments stay within limits on blogs, chatrooms and the comments section in youtube is filled with all kinds of vulgarities and the filthiest, most abusive language you can imagine.

On blogs, Muslims have nothing better to do than call Hindus cow worshippers and Hindus have nothing better to do than call Islam an oppressive religion. On youtube and in chatrooms, well, I don’t even want to talk about it.

There are so many similarities that I sometimes wonder what Hindus and Muslims fight about. Both India and Pakistan have corrupt leaders, eve teasers, black magicians, fraud, corruption, prostitution, AIDS, beggars, poverty, rich misers, backbiters, murderers, rapists, honor killings, dowry customs, wife beaters, child abusers…phew!

What are we fighting about?

Hey, I forgot one similarity. That of the after effects of an India-Pakistan cricket match. When Pakistan wins, Indians break their TV sets. When India wins, Pakistanis break their TV sets. I was wondering what happens if an Indian is married to a Pakistani. In such a case, regardless of who wins, the TV set will end broken!

55 thoughts on “Why Indians and Pakistanis fight each other and how to bridge the gap?”

  1. if some one know the difference what is Hindu and what Muslim means sure he will not ask this silly question or topic.
    if some one understand why millions of peoples migrated in 1947 he will understand the reason of fight between india and pakistan.
    if still need the reason of fight see the drying and dying agriculture fields due to lack of water.
    if some ones memory is alive he should not ask the reason of fight , when Babry Mosque is demolished.
    if someone know why 200,000 Sikhs killed in just 10 years one million Muslims killed just in few years, and thousands of Christians killed in past few years by dominated Hindu junta , if some one know the reason of creating Bangladesh? if some one tell me why didnt self determination given to kashmir, manawadar, hydrabad dakan, rajastan, assam, nagaland, why they are not human beings?
    last but not least why behari and other states peoples cant enter to bombay for jobs?
    these all are silly questions why india and pakistan fighting…
    no one have answer, why india diverted rivers in kashmir.
    now pakistan is a independent country, and a Nuclear power india and all word have to accept it no return way at all

  2. actually india & pakistan fight because of their politicians. these people dont want us to meet. they do not give visas to each other. even if a pakistani go there they treat very bad. come on for God sake we people have to stop it, the world thing that we hate each other, we have to prove this thing wrong, we love each other. but it looks really difficult because of these politicians.

  3. nothing goes wrong against people yes its true that people of pakistan and india are not tolerating each other but it is the responsibility of governments on both sides to find opportunities to change their public behaviour against each other. if any thing happens wrong in any country governments of both countries start blame game and this results hatered in the hearts of public. they realize that the government is true in saying. we should respect each other policies and avoid such statements that harms our public feelings. we should find opportunities of trade between two countries the public should discourage their respective governments if they start blame without jumping into conclusion


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