US soldier ducks death penalty over Iraqi rape and murder

Steven Dale Green

Steven Dale Green, an ex-soldier ‘convicted of raping and killing an Iraqi teenager and murdering her family has been spared the death penalty and will serve a life sentence after the jurors couldn’t agree unanimously on a punishment.’, the Telegraph reported last night

On hearing the verdict, Green’s brother and father sighed with relief.

In March 2006, Green along with three other soldiers went to the home of 14 year old Iraqi, Abeer Qassim Al-Janabi. He shot the girl’s mother, father and sister, then raped her before killing her as well.

During the case, Green’s attorney never denied his involvement in the incident, instead focused on the issue that Green did not deserve the capital punishment. His attorney sure was successful in his mission, even after the other three soldiers, who are serving long sentences in military prison, testified against him.

This isn’t an isolated case of the ‘bravery’ of U.S. soldiers. Green is the third reported U.S. soldier who has raped and killed an innocent girl. One wonders how these brutes sleep peacefully at night. Do their actions haunt them or not? Why would it haunt ‘him’? He did his deed and has now even received a tap on the back. Will we see anyone protesting against this unfair verdict?

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  1. @Hamid: 🙂 dearest brother i realise it is a quote, but it was in reference to this context…and i was also refering to this context…anyway…the point is our aim is the same…and u know they know about their glorious past…when one reminds them…there is a flicker of enthusiasm and then all dies…

  2. @momina
    For God sake, to wake up this sleeping giant, give them a hint of the glory they had, and they will realize on what heaven they belong.
    And the cry for justice is a quote, not directed toward a single soul

  3. @Hamid: the Cry is not for justicce, it is the waking up call…ask for justice…gosh…whom to ask?? them, the americans…?? dunno abt others, i atleast have this much of self-esteem not to beg them for mercy…the purpose is to awaken some shame in Muslims…to take action, be it abeer or aafia…they would nto have perished if we had guts to keep our people safe…

  4. @Momina
    If you learn the basic theory of power, it will explain to you what US policy reflects, If it wasnt Americans, it was Soviet in Afghanistan and Chechnya, before it was Britishers in subcontinent……….so the power theory is
    ” to acquiere power….sustain it and finally demonstrate it”

    Its simple…………..”justice is the cry of the weak”

  5. They spend 500 billion dollars for raping and molesting kids and girls and we clap for them like a monkey’s and praise them endless..huh

  6. Do you know why the U.S. is able to get away with almost everything? It spend 500 billion dollars every year on defence, that’s why. China spends 50 billion, India spends 30 billion and Pakistan 8 billion dollars every year on defence. To be a superpower, you have to sacrifice a lot. In Pakistan, the leaders themselves don’t pay the taxes they should pay, but waste the people’s money on parties and foreign junkets. The Americans have worked hard for over 500 years to reach where they are today.

  7. U r absolutely right tanya…this era just seems to be a repeat of the era of Genghis Khan…and the situation and weakness of muslims at tht time

  8. Its not Americans fault for this we should put blame on us Muslims..bcoz lots of muslim just blindly follow americans and thier traditions and thier stupid thinkings..this is disgusting and shame on us..

  9. Well Momina
    Americans are pretty smart. Whereever they put there soldiers, the first thing they do is to get them out of the jurisdiction of local law. This is the same by the US in Japan and South Korea.Once free from there, there own law will definitely shield them.
    Else, to Americans morality and rights is a far cry, which they now consider obselete


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