TV, Furniture, Washing Machine, Fridge and a Car – All in Dowry

Dowry isn’t just cash that devils accept from the parents of the girl. Dowry includes all those things I have mentioned in the title among others. There will always be devils in the world, there have always been. However, is it necessary for fathers to marry their daughters to devils who ask for Dowry? Isn’t it obvious that they are not human beings. People who show this level of greediness before marriage will actually make life hell for the girl after. Isn’t this obvious?

One thing is that if all fathers refused to give one paisa in Dowry, let alone a Car, T.V. etc. Don’t marry your daughter to an animal who cannot see anything beyond money. If he is a human being, he will refuse to accept Dowry.

Girls should refuse to marry such freaks who’s parents ask for money or even refuse to accept it even if they haven’t asked. I am asking girls all over India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to take a step and fight against this menace. Girls are not the timid, shy people they used to be. Girls can make a difference.

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  1. @ Hend: not a single hand has been cut nor has anyone been stoned to death by the government (except in areas under Taliban control) (just as occasionally you hear about widows being burnt in India’s Rajasthan state or girls being married to dogs and trees in other Indian cities). Pakistan is not a fundamentalist state. Being an Islamic Republic doesn’t mean that you have medieval laws (as they do in Saudi Arabia/Iran). By the way, adultery is very difficult to prove (four witnesses are required to prove that the couple were doing you-know-what). If anyone is suspected of adultery, he or she has to swear in the name of Allah that it’s not true and is let off. This happened in the days of the Prophet. Islam has a bad image in the west because of Taliban/Al-Qaeda and Iran/Saudi Arabia. By the way, it’ll interest you to know that the Jamaat-e-Islami is one of the two political parties in Pakistan which holds elections to decide who will be its leader (the other party is the secular Awami National Party, founded by people who opposed the creation of Pakistan, as did the Jamaat-e-Islami and other religious parties).

  2. Miss Sana, I hope you will accept my Best Wishes and Congratulations for your upcoming wedding. Health, Wealth and Happiness to your and your beloved, for now and all time.

    James Killian Spratt,
    Hendersonville, North Carolina
    United States of America

  3. shakir

    widow burning ended many decades ago but in pakistan women are still stoned to death, whiplashed and punished by gang rape…by the way has any of your relatives experienced this?

    why are your relatives not going to islamic countries instead of the west…afterall your parents left a secular country for an islamic country…it all does not match up…you need to decide between osama and west for sure…the only time i heard memons leave india was in 1993 after they planted bombs that killed thousands…another memon i heard married his son to a gangster daughter.

    sana is smart she already knows how memons behave…she had the same doubts that i raised with her…


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