Karachi Police helping disabled guy while on VIP Escort Duty

Sind policeman helping guy at clifton karachi 1

Pakistan Police usually rhymes with corruption, extortion, and uncivilized men in uniform. However, as it is said that nobody is totally bad, or good, this implies to the policemen of Pakistan as well. Amyn A. Ghulamali reports how policemen at clifton, Karachi, helped a disabled person who fall in the … Read more

Another innocent girl raped in Pakistan

girl raped in sheikhupura Pakistan

March 24, 2012… Another innocent girl raped… Two policemen among five gang-raped a college student in Sheikhupura… What a shame. According to the police, the incident took place when a student of college was returning home accompanied by her cousin from coaching centre. Policemen stopped them, confiscating mobile phones and … Read more

Resilient till the End… SSP Chaudhry Aslam

Chaudhry Aslam

19th September has been one another day, when 200 million Pakistanis have woken up to the reality that the motherland is burning, being attacked by an invisible but a lethal and barbaric force. Karachi was the target of today’s attack by Tehreek e Taliban Fidayeen (Highway to Hell) squad, in … Read more

Individual Insanity or Institutional Negligence!

“It takes an instant to cut short a living soul, but the entire universe combined cannot revive a second of its previous existence” (Anonymous) Injustice is a termite which can bring down the most powerful of Empires and reign, and the book of history has clear cut cases that when … Read more