Individual Insanity or Institutional Negligence!

“It takes an instant to cut short a living soul, but the entire universe combined cannot revive a second of its previous existence” (Anonymous)

Pakistan CrisisInjustice is a termite which can bring down the most powerful of Empires and reign, and the book of history has clear cut cases that when “justice”  disappears, so does the existence.

Last few weeks can be termed as horrible in terms of acts witnessed by Pakistanis and outsiders alike on their television screens. 1st it was the killing of foreigners near Quetta, than came the shocking “on spot justice” from Rangers in Karachi and Lahore Police has soon followed with an alleged “staged encounter” of a youth. The most horrific part of this “barbaric chain” of atrocities remains that the boys chartered to maintain safety and security and provide us with a fear free sleep have deprived 200 million Pakistanis their peace of mind. The fear, shock and disbelief is evident from every face and now walking in street will never be “walking tall”, rather it will be whose next?.

But let us go back a little to an event which was as I term the “mother of all evil” but somehow like many other incidents, it has been dragged under the carpet. The two brothers from Sialkot, who were labeled “bandits” and in front of the entire city they were beaten to death with sticks and iron rods. Not this, they were hanged upside down as if it was Somalia and a highest level Police officer  was seen during the whole episode, shamelessly becoming a silent spectator. Before an inquiry could be initiated, media was filled with reports of the boys being bandits, and in silent signs endorsing what has taken place in downtown Sialkot. Not to go further, the current information Minister was also quoted as sharing the same views. An year has passed by and we have nothing on that case, and in a few years the predators in the disguise of humans will be walking free…………that’s our justice.

The case of Quetta and Karachi was hard to digest, as media screens across Pakistan flashed with the images of helpless, innocent individuals begging for mercy while their isn’t anyone to hear their cries. Again, these events have taken place because earlier events were given the cover and it has become a tradition that some segments have law in their own hand. The timing couldn’t have been much worse. With a country bleeding from internal and external onslaught, fighting for its very existence these institutions have added responsibility on their shoulders, but ofcourse to fulfill a responsibility the 1st thing which one require is realization, which isn’t the case out here. The events mentioned above are nothing less than eye opener, but at the same time it is not void to comment that those responsible to take account of these loop holes have retired to a peaceful sleep of their own.

It has been argued that “Thana Culture” in Pakistan has given way to social injustice. Political affiliation, bribe and out of merit appointments in certain institutions have rattled them to the foundation and as long as capable and deserving lot is not inducted, nothing will change. On the other hand it is time that like in many advanced countries, the boys in uniform should undergo vigorous psychological tests. This initiative should be focused on current and new inductees alike. By this, their mindset should be examined and individuals with extremist and violent ideas must be screened out.  The official cover up in the name of “uniform brotherhood / Paiti Bhai” is to be abandoned once and for all. No distinction should be made between the initiator and the one covering it.

Judiciary has in many ways disappointed the common man like never before. The struggle taken up by every Pakistani is today no where to be seen. Suo Moto  or hearing is a gone story, we need speedy and exemplary justice. Whether it’s the terrorist or criminals of humanity, somehow or the other they get through the court proceeding safely. Harboring, covering or ignoring an act like this is a more grave crime, since you give the barbarian a license to walk free while he has already developed an appetite for human blood. So every neglected and mismanaged case gives birth to a vampire on the loose.

These loopholes have made us ashamed in our own eyes, and demoralization is worst that defeat it self. Justice delayed is justice denied and in cases like these, their should not be a second thought. The above cases also demonstrate the capabilities of our Police, Ranger and Armed forces. Their was no high up order involved as it was on spot scenario, and this approach of their shows why we have yet not succeeded in breaking down the terrorists. A lot is to be done but following the track record, it’s a hope against hope in every way possible.

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  1. It is important that we must work out relations with our allies in the war agiant terrorism. This is important so that we can finally make the industry wheel turn for the better future.


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