To the Guardians of our Security

This event is a remake of what my friend narrated to me today. The incident and the underlying message was so strong that I felt the need of highlighting it.

My friend “x” was on his way from Rawalpindi to Lahore via train. I wish instead of what I write, I should have written the sweet and innocent “journey by train” I used to write in grade 3, but those good days are long gone. Smokers prefer traveling on economy coach, as it provides them a chance to stand by the door and not only satisfy their need of nicotine, but also witness passing landscapes which have nothing in parallel.

So “x” was aboard the train and sometime during the journey spotted a man with an alien complexion and in current circumstances, suspicious. X was standing by the door observing this person, and every passing minute increased his curiosity about this soul.

Corrupt PoliceSoon a police man, designated to ensure the security of the passenger as well as all of us, approached him and dragged him to the door for some questioning. The man had no NIC nor his accent was clear, making it certain that their was something worth checking about him. On inquiry, he told the policeman that he has no money for the ticket and that’s why he carries no ticket as well. The policeman, enraged by this act searched the man and found some odd 260rs from his possession.

Very efficiently, the cop separated the allotted money for the ticket and as if he has caused a loss to him rather than Pak railway, placed the amount in his own pocket. Then he asked the suspicious person for his mobile, and surprisingly it was confidently produced by him. The cop as if assuming the role of providing justice on the spot waved the cell phone in the coach for anyone, ready to buy it and soon like an expert trader struck a deal for it. X along with other passengers were truly getting entertained by this on journey drama.

Taking the matter further, the cop pressed the suspect that where is his luggage? The guy hardly speaking clear Urdu refused having any luggage. At this the cop used the time tested method of manhandling and told him that he has seen him entering the train with a sack. Upon insistence and some “thappars (slaps)”,  the suspect produced his luggage. The cop ordered him to reveal what he has in it while the man plainly refused that their wasn’t anything worth revealing. When the sack was opened, a sum of 10,000 Rs were found. Their must have been more inside but the cop very professionally took the person to a corner.

The suspect produced more blessing for the cop and as if he has foreseen his character like a professional palmist, the cop released him and assured every soul in the cabin that he is a local from “Rawat”, a town close to Rawalpindi. So the man enjoyed the rest of his time aboard the train and quite proudly walked away after reaching Lahore.

The cop was asked by X about this matter, and how could he release a potential suspect like this while he has every thing against him. The cop replied simply that “dear this is how work goes around here, we look for men like these, get hold of them and snatch whatever we can… that is how things move. In terms of him being a suspect, the cop repeatedly claimed that he has believed his words of being a resident of the said town, as he had no identity to support his claim.

At least, my friend “X” has got his answer about why terror is still striking Pakistan? Why have they re-emerged every time our forces have claimed to have wiped them? With situations like these I have reaffirmed my prior claim that its Allah solely which is guarding this land, else we ourselves have done everything to loose it for good.

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