CPLC warns public not to fall for a friendly female voice on phone

CPLC ad ransom kidnapping awareness

CPLC, The Citizen Police Liaison Committee, has launched a public service ad to increase awareness about recent wave of kidnapping for ransom in Karachi and elsewhere in Pakistan. According to the CPLC, the modus operandi of such kidnappers is that they approach their targets through attractive women. The friendly female … Read more

Why are Advertisements by Cell Phone Companies in Pakistan Targeted by the Public?

Cell phone companies in Pakistan are notorious for showing advertisements that only show a girl and a boy talking, or perhaps flirting with each other. However, they are strictly doing business and they will show what sells. Futhermore, they are not sexualizing their advertisements, so why are words like raunchy, … Read more

Kohinoor Electronic Market Robbery: Divine justice for people selling stolen cell phones

The good God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes it seems that those who steal and plunder have the best things in life. They believe that they are being favored by God, and nothing stops them from continuing their looting. Smugglers and those who sell stolen and smuggled goods, for instance, … Read more

Misuse of Girls’ Pictures On Social Networking Websites

Girls are uploading their pictures on social networking websites like Facebook, Orkut, etc, to be accessed by everyone. What is happening is that many people are taking those pictures and misusing them by creating fake profiles to defame the girls. On some, inappropriate messages about the girl are written. On … Read more