Kohinoor Electronic Market Robbery: Divine justice for people selling stolen cell phones

kohinoor electronic market saddar karachiThe good God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes it seems that those who steal and plunder have the best things in life. They believe that they are being favored by God, and nothing stops them from continuing their looting. Smugglers and those who sell stolen and smuggled goods, for instance, think there’s nothing wrong in what they do, but ultimately their actions greatly damage the country. And as long as there are people who prefer to buy stolen or smuggled goods, there will always be thieves and smugglers. But then, the wheels of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.

Thirty “honorable” men who sell stolen cell phones in Karachi’s Kohinoor Electronic market got the shock of their lives yesterday when they arrived to find their shops had been broken into and all their goods taken away by thieves. These are the same people, mind you, who burnt a government vehicle when the police wanted to arrest some of them for selling stolen cell phones. They also do not pay any taxes to the government, claiming they don’t earn much. Now they say their losses run into millions. The tax authorities should swing into action and ask them where they got the money to buy their stocks. Being die-hard fundamentalists, they probably don’t believe in insurance. Serves them right.

But will they learn anything from this incident? I doubt it.

Image: Daily Times

1 thought on “Kohinoor Electronic Market Robbery: Divine justice for people selling stolen cell phones”

  1. I don’t completely agree. The people who sell such phones only buy them on retailed prices from looters. Though they seem involved in the process, they are the innocent ones who just keep a small margin. Ironic though that the robbers re-rob what they rob themselves! the people who stole the phones from this market will be the ones selling them as stock for the ones stolen, only to get twice the money in doing so. This is what makes mobile retail the most difficult industry in Pakistan..it’s only common sense though, that i’m not encouraging what they do. They’re just helpless for work.


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