Cell Phones: Luxury Or Necessity?

nokia cell phoneSome teenagers in the west, native and immigrants, work part time jobs just to pay their cell phone bills. Have cell phones become such a necessity that people have to sacrifice time and money for it’s use. Instead of having the weekend to study, do homework, relax and indulge in leisure activities, it is spent in working. Only to pay bills for a cell phone that is not even a necessity. Most of the time it is used for talking to friends.

There are all kinds of people out there. People who do not feel the need for a cell phone and people who can’t live without it. The craze for cell phones is such that even poor people in the subcontinent can be seen using it. If that is not enough, beggars use cell phones too. In fact, as mentioned on thaindian:

Beggars in Pakistan are reportedly using mobile phones to acquire hefty alms in the name of religion. As a matter of routine, they reportedly send messages asking for a credit of Rs 10-100, offering in return a place in paradise.

Muhammad Usman, a businessman, said that he received almost ten messages a day from a beggar. One message reads, “I am a poor man and my daughter is admitted to hospital. If you have faith in one God, please send me a credit of at least Rs 10. God may reward you and take you out of all troubles,” the Daily Times quoted Usman, as saying.

Another mobile user said money should not be given to unknown senders of messages, as this was no way to beg. These message senders exploited the people’s faith and mobile users should be aware of the situation.

“Customers often complain of unknown messages calling for money. The beggars misused credit sharing facility on mobile phones,” said Muhammad Rajid, a PCO owner.

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