Prejudice to Pakistani Cricketers at IPL 2010 auction

IPL 2010 or IPL TeesraIt has been said many times that Politics and Sports should never be mixed, but when it comes to India and Pakistan it’s sometimes hard to keep the two apart. None of the eleven shortlisted players from T20 World Champion Team – Pakistan were picked up by any of the eight franchises at the DLF IPL auction for season 3. Can this be genuine? Why were Pakistani players put through the imitation of entering the auction when they were to be boycotted by the franchises?

According to Dawn an unidentified franchise official told AFP that he was not surprised because nobody was willing to take a chance due to uncertainty regarding Pakistani player’s availability. Shahid Afridi has also called it a humiliation of players adding that, “We applied for the IPL only on their insistence and not on our own.”

IPL is a heavily commercialized, lucrative form of the game and practical business considerations matter more for the franchises. So it could be obvious that it was dictated and directed by the officials to not to bid for Pakistani players. The fear of reprisal may have made franchises hesitant to gamble on a Pakistani player.

Is it the true sportsmen spirit or prejudice which has been showcased by Indian Franchise owners while there is a media campaign ‘Aman Ki Asha‘ by the two leading media groups of Indo Pak is going on to mobilize peace process?

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  1. >>>Not a single player from NZ, Bangladesh, Canada, Holland (yeah the franchisees had even shown interest in a dutch layer) or Zimbabwe was chosen. Why do we not hear the other 45 players cribbing???

    @Maddie: Are you comparing Bangladesh, Canada, Holland and Zimbabwe to Pakistan?

  2. Now you know?

    Last week you knew that it was some conspiracy of BCCI and IPL.

    Then you started blaming the Indian government of trying to ruin Pakistani cricket.

    And now again you think you know why SRK acted like coward.

    The auction is long over. SRK should have done what he said should have been done if he was true to his word. But he chose to dodge the responsibility and chose to sell his upcoming movie by making comments which will be accepted only by fools.

    Enjoy the movie.

  3. Shakir a better example of begging bowl would be Pakistan going around the Arabic world asking for small coins to rescue it from bankruptsy and pleading for free oil.

    By the way the nuclear deal is fantastic for India and also for environment. As for Iran, they are our brothers and no matter how much you try we will still be friends. Don’t worry about it.

  4. Abheek: an Indian of all people talking about begging bowls! How do you explain India’s bending over backward to get nuclear technology from the U.S., for which it even stabbed its old ally Iran in the back?

  5. This is a begger syndrome on Pakistan ‘s part to say the least … first you butcher our people and then you have the galls to complain on your people not being selected in IPL … brazen shamelessness. It is the same on the economic side .. US is derieded and infamous amongst you guys, but your pm/prez keeps visitng that country with a begging bowl … I don’t know of any country that does this kind of doublespeak

  6. Mahdi/ Mehdi?

    Afridi is not flamboyant, he is just childish, uncouth, shameless troublemaker and irresponsible player who cannot work in a team. First he provoked Shoaib Akhtar into hitting Mohammed Asif with a bat, then he performed dismally for Deccan and had the cheek to criticize a dignified Luxmahn and finally recently he conspired against Younis Khan and made him resign from captaincy. No one outside Pakistan thinks he is impressive. Currently his stock is high but soon he will go back to his binary scoring nature with flamboyant 0s and 1s.

  7. @ Arif

    Hi Arif. If you are refering to my closing line in the first post the yes, I do apologise for it. No excuses.

    However, if you refering to closing lines in the second post; addressed to Shakir, then I’m sorry mate, but that seemed like the only way to drill sense.

    @ Hina

    Let me tell you a story. Up until the mid-90’s cricket had 2 power-houses; Aus and Eng. In those times, these 2 teams used to tour countries in the sub-continent once in 3- 4 years (at times even less than that). When India won the world cup in 1983, the trend didn’t change. The so called ‘World Champions’ didn’t get any special favours from the power-houses. Nor did Pak when they won the world-cup in 1992 and nor did SL when they won it in 1996. I believe, that it was only after succesfully staging the 1996 WC, did the countries in the sub-continent started getting some respect. Of course due to the security situation in Pak and SL (and in some instances India as well) the teams refused to play but at least the frequency of tours did increase.

    My point is that ‘World Champions’ is nothing more than a tag. India didn’t go on T-20 spree after winning the T-20 WC and nor did they do exceptionally well after winning the cup.

    As for Afridi’s flamboyance, well trust me there is nothing flamboyant about Damien Martyn, Adam Voges, Thissara Perera, Mohammad Kaif or Adrian Barath. The franchisees have gone strictly as per their specific needs especially considering that all contracts are just for a year.

    As for Indian proving to be the ‘Father of Cricket’, I think they would rather do that to Aus and Eng…and they did….if you remember what happened after the infamouse Sydney test and the Harbhajan-Symonds episode. There is no doubt that with their financial clout, they do call the shots. So, whats wrong with that? Did any one question Aus or Eng for over 3 decades? Then why be envious of India now…the USA and China do it in the context of the whole world, India does it in the context of cricket.

    You do have a point of India discouraging SL from touring Pak, but in hind-sight (and I’m sorry if this offends you) wasn’t that probably the right thing to do considering what happened.

  8. Please take a look inside the news item called

    “Inside story: All IPL teams agreed to shun Pak players”

    When you read that news (behind the misleading headline and the opening statement) carefully you will realise that it is exactly matching with the reasons I had mentioned.


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