Prejudice to Pakistani Cricketers at IPL 2010 auction

IPL 2010 or IPL TeesraIt has been said many times that Politics and Sports should never be mixed, but when it comes to India and Pakistan it’s sometimes hard to keep the two apart. None of the eleven shortlisted players from T20 World Champion Team – Pakistan were picked up by any of the eight franchises at the DLF IPL auction for season 3. Can this be genuine? Why were Pakistani players put through the imitation of entering the auction when they were to be boycotted by the franchises?

According to Dawn an unidentified franchise official told AFP that he was not surprised because nobody was willing to take a chance due to uncertainty regarding Pakistani player’s availability. Shahid Afridi has also called it a humiliation of players adding that, “We applied for the IPL only on their insistence and not on our own.”

IPL is a heavily commercialized, lucrative form of the game and practical business considerations matter more for the franchises. So it could be obvious that it was dictated and directed by the officials to not to bid for Pakistani players. The fear of reprisal may have made franchises hesitant to gamble on a Pakistani player.

Is it the true sportsmen spirit or prejudice which has been showcased by Indian Franchise owners while there is a media campaign ‘Aman Ki Asha‘ by the two leading media groups of Indo Pak is going on to mobilize peace process?

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  1. @ Mohammad Yusha

    You seem to be a rich person (only, monetarily). Wonder why do you guys not start your own leagur like the IPL if you have so much money (other than the fact that you need brains, skills and a lot of common sense to run such a league).

    Ya I know you are already salivating with your planned response that Rashid Latif has already started a city-based league and he later plans to induct national and then international players. Well you see, here is where the common sense comes into picture. Has anyone in the whole of Pakistan thought that which respectable/well-known international player will come and play in your league??

    Maybe you should contact the cricket boards of Burundi, Guinea-Bissau, Eritrea, Togo, Timor-Leste, Burkina Faso, Chad or Benin.

    Oh btw, those are all actual countries.

  2. @Hend: I won’t even hire you as a coolie since you are completely useless. Anyway, the whole point is that Pakistan is the best side in the shorter version of the game. Including New Zealand with Holland, Canada, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe does not change the fact that the 45 players who didn’t say anything consisted of poor cricket players.

  3. Yusha

    “NZ nothing compared to Pakistan”
    The last ODI series was won by NZ, obviously inspite of ball tampering.

    Even in June 2009, NZ captain Vettori had expressed opinion that Pakistan was doing something to the ball but he shut up after huge tantrums from Pakistanis. Vettori is a man of honour and much respected statesman, even he believes you are cheaters.

    Now stop begging about IPL, I will hire you as a coolie if you need money.

  4. NZ is nothing compared to Pakistan, especially in the shorter version of the game, and they surely don’t consist of 45 players. The reaction was the same from a lot of the Indian public as well, and has been considered a matter of shame for India. Get an education to develop your intellect. Ill give you money if you need it. You don’t need to work as a coolie. Just come to me with your begging bowl.

  5. @ Mohammad Yusha

    How diplomatic of you to leave NZ out of those examples. You know that at least NZ can be compared to Pak.

    Anyways, I’m not comparing the players of any of those countries mentioned by you to Pak players. What I am comparing is the reaction form the Pak public and players to the reactions from the other countries and the reactions of players like Brad Haddin, Doug Bollinger, Phillp Hughes, Graeme Swann and so on…

    Not one of them cribbed about the whole thing and the Pakistanis (Players, public and politicians) are still crying over it.

    Get over it Princess…wipe your tears and take your empty pockets to some other charity organisation…


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