PML-N VS MQM – Who Says Our Politicians Are Mature?

The best entertainment one can find these days while watching prime time telecast is simply to watch how the representatives from both parties do their best to declare each other the biggest “liar”. I must admit that neither the Daily Show hosted by John Stewart or any other programme can produce an entertainment than the one produced by both the parties. MQM, no reason to doubt, has always found a way to remain in the news in one form or the other. It has been crowned as the only party which has evolved without becoming an opposition or moving out of a specific geographical surrounding.

Where the entire nation geared up for a Long March to restore CJ, they found ample time to go for a self declared long march without any goal in mind. They can have 42 innocent people killed right in their domain and still one finds them complaining that in fact it was a conspiracy against them. What governance.

Now when it is clear that the wind is all out to set Musharraf on trial, they have found a new note, with the only difference that it is based on an episode nearly 17 years old. A liberal party by manifesto (though one must refer to Imran Khan for their definition), God knows what has occupied their mind this time around. It was PPP and MQM who have secured maximum out of the spirit of reconciliation(NRO) and they are vocal every time to declare that we are moving in a new direction, but still one finds them opening up files which were locked many years back.

To PML-N I don’t have words of appreciation, although of a different kind. Its leadership, precisely Mr. Nawaz has in the name of friendly opposition destroyed the whole credibility of an institution called the parliament. One cannot find an example like this where evil is protected today for the betterment of tomorrow. After every accord he has landed himself in trouble, only to stand up and gear up for another accord. The position in which he has found himself, it is required that he must play a role seen in the past from Nawabzada Nasrullah but unfortunately this is not the case. Where it is a known fact that this will help neither of them, they have dragged many controversial entities into the whole drama. One watches every day how former spy masters are revealing facts (who knows true or false) and on its bases our politicians our deriving new policies.

For so long the political forces in Pakistan have cried that the only root cause for the failure of democracy is the invisible hand of establishment and today from Raiwind to London they are fighting on the claims made by the same power. So shameful, in the end it really hurts every Pakistani when they see their capital turning into a US colony of 7000 marines, flour and sugar not accessible even in Ramadan, an uncertain future with no economical prosperity, an unseen presence of Taliban still haunting, But our political gurus out there to settle the scores from the past. Undoubtedly the vacuum of leadership has damaged us more than any thing else.

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  1. @ Hend: same situation exists in Pakistan. The Pakistan Resolution of 1940 envisaged autonomous (almost independent) states with a very weak centre, but the reality is otherwise. The provinces (except Punjab) want more powers, and now the towns want more powers. The best thing would be to have 25 provinces (rather than the present four) but the provinces don’t agree. The other alternative is to give towns more powers, with 80% of the revenue earned by each town being spent on its development (rather than giving all to the province or the centre).

  2. I fully agree what SL says here with an addendum that the history has shown that the countries which have relatively homogeneous population in terms if ethnicity, culture and linguistics tend to last longer. USA is an exception because no ethnicity can claim to be original and people are spread almost evenly with a single group having a so called original base, still you can see the divide to some extent.

    Country like India is somewhat like USSR or more like the erstwhile Yugoslavia. India was never one country and I don’t think India is a permanent entity.

    I am more inclined towards the kind of federal structure which Muhammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan had suggested where each province looks after its own affairs without any interferecence from the center. The central government should be a EU kind of thing of basically with less power over provinces but with more stuff like common defence, currency.

    The provinces will stay united if they feel they are benefitting or if they feel the need otherwise they are free to chart their own course.

    This sounds drastic maybe but I think this is actually more logical for a country like India where everyone feels like they being ruled by someone else.

  3. James: Pakistan has more reason to be united than India. At least Pakistan has Islam as a binding force (98% of Pakistanis are Muslims), while India has people of all religions/castes who speak at least twenty major languages and 300 dialects. If you add to this the many insurgencies which it faces, it’s a miracle that India has managed to remain united.


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