Official Disposal Arrangements by CDGK

Despite of ongoing sugar crisis, inflation and unaffordable sacrificial animals, Eid-ul-Azha was celebrated across the country with traditional religious zeal and fervor. Animals were sacrificed on all three days of Eid. Special arrangements were made for quick and timely lifting and record quantity of offal disposal to ensure cleanliness in Karachi by City District Government. A job well-done!

It is to the credit of the city government that Karachites spent a clean and hassle-free Eid. There were no piles of animal organs and puddles of blood on the streets. Even the CDGK staff was asking for the offal to dispose it off properly. Within few hours, the waste was collected and dumped promptly and the city did not present a grimy picture like past. Around 1.2 million offal lifted in three days from five towns of Karachi.

The disposal arrangements were conducted under the supervision of Municipal Services Department of the city government in different locations of the city. Appropriate fumigation was also a part of the cleanliness campaign. Congratulations to the authorities concerned for pulling off these three days without the usual mess.

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  1. @james. That is true man. We are victims of extremism and the most important point as of now is the terrorist issue and media just makes it more worse by airing barbaric video and making our minds go crazy!!

  2. @Hina: I’ll pass that along to my garbageman. (Oh, he’ll love me for that!) H-haaaaaaaa!!!

    @Murtaza: You’ve got that right! I heard the same comment here in the US about school shooters–the stories shouldn’t be aired too much because other malcontents hear the uproar and do something just as horrible themselves, for the attention. Fortunately, these disasters draw attention to the causes sometimes, for eventual good; most sensible people are reminded how creepy and alienated some can be, and the creepy ones get reminded that there are better ways to draw attention to yourself.

  3. The above comments makes sense. An example of today the blast that took place. Every channel that I am turning to is showing the same images. The blast wa ina mosque. We need to also change our media strategy cuz if the terrorist would know that they will not get much coverage I doubt they will take all these steps. The panic that media creates is their success.

  4. The media should take strict notice of this. The media of Pakistan should give space to liberal elements so that the minds of everyone and their views can be broadened.

  5. it is important for us to rememeber that on this beautiful event we are in state of war and we all should unite as one and pray that Pakistan finishes extremism from the roots and may Allah bless Pakistan and keep it safe from all terrorists. May Allah grant place in paradise for the security martyrs who saved the suicide attack yesterday in Islamabad e-8 sector.

  6. Thanks James and Happy Thanksgiving to you.
    You can train your garbageman through City District Government Karachi which is quite efficient as far as cleanliness of the city is concerned. 🙂

  7. Congratulations on your sanitary Eid. (Your Eid seemed to coincide with our Thanksgiving in the US; we sacrifice and eat a lot of turkeys (big birds)–in homage to the truce with the native Americans with our Pilgrim forefathers–they took a day off from their fighting and agreed that they were all “glad to be here.”

    Glad to hear you make a cheerier post than the expense of the animals. I wish my garbageman was as efficient as yours; if everything isn’t neatly bagged and sealed, he won’t pick it up– the raccoons and opossums get into it at night and scatter it all over the yard. My garbageman wants to be a Baptist preacher; I told him that I hope he becomes a better preacher than he is a garbageman. Not sure what to kill, the raccoons and opossums or the garbageman. Guess I’ll just clean up the mess myself.

    Eid mubarak, and Happy Thanksgiving.


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