Unaffordable Sacrificial Animals

As expected and like always Prices of the sacrificial animals have been doubled as compared to the last year. Most citizens have consequently decided to give common sacrifice instead doing it individually. Security has been tightened in all the animal markets of country but still very few people visit these markets as most of them have contacted the animal’s contractors to buy the animals rather going to the market. The number of people who wants to celebrate Eid ul Adha is declining because of highly expensive cattle market, making a religious activity gloomy for them.

This year average Price of a healthy goat is not less than Rs 18,000, while a medium weight heifer cost around Rs 45,000 while last year price of a goat ranged from Rs 10,000 to Rs 13,000 and a heifer was sold for Rs 30,000 to 35,000 approximately.

Many cattle farm also step in at the cattle markets showing their highly ornamented and elegant animals. Even a catwalk was organized at Karachi Cattle market to display the beauty of sacrificial animals. The farm cattle cost above a million generally giving rise to a show off race among friends and relatives to buy the most expensive and classy animal for Eid ul Adha. Now the sacrificial animals are also available online with all the details.

Sugar crisis has already unsweetened our lives and the joy of savory Eid has also become sour due to inflation.

10 thoughts on “Unaffordable Sacrificial Animals”

  1. @Shakir Sir
    The prices were considerably less on Eid day but before it they were sky high. MY family bought a cow for 50K this year while last year we paid 38K for the same size.

  2. @ confused Indian: they say that cows contribute a lot towards global warming, so if you want to save the planet, kill as many cows as you can. By the way, I rarely eat beef, I prefer chicken meat.

  3. All over the world, during festive seasons, prices are lowered so that less fortunates can also participate. In Pakistan, business ensure that they increase their prices so that they would suck the every available drop of blood. Our govenment is utterly useless in addressing these issues. They are busy counting their share in this blood sucking ritual. Government can ensure the quality and prices of food and other commodities.

    Lack of power, non availability of sugar, costly flour, rising prices, inflation and now sheeps/goats. It is a curse from Allah that we have such officials and government as a result of our deeds. We need to repent and help less unfortunates to best of our abilities.

    Eid Mubarak to all


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