Love Marriage – A different angle

The girl and the boy have spent time with each other before marriage – have been on dates, movies, or at least spent some time to know each other – even then they fail to grasp the necessary knowledge of each other because both of them behave in the best way they can in front of the other as they are afraid that any wrong move or any wrong word would break their trust and also the relation that is about to happen. The guy spends more time with the girl, fulfills all her wishes and does everything to keep her happy – all this just to make her accept his marriage proposal. Then they get married.

The guy has her now, so he stops doing all the things he used to do before their marriage. Now he spends less time with her and more with his friends and work and pays her little attention. She says “you have changed since our marriage.” Who on this planet has not heard of this.

They have already known each other. Now that they are married they don’t get much to talk to each other about themselves. The guy will already have praised the girl to the limit and the girl already admired him to her satisfaction.

They both have already spent time romancing, playing, teasing and having fun with each other. What do they do now?

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  1. In your very first comment you said people in arranged marriages get sick of each other in a year or so and then you quoted that you are enjoying your own marriage that was arranged and it has been
    over 30 years now. After a while you said girls and boys should be allowed to mix, now you’re telling me to accept that in the majority of the muslim world men marry women they’ve never seen and are happy with it.


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