Indians don’t like Slumdog Millionaire

Indians have protested against the award-winning film Slumdog Millionaire because it shows the real face of India. The film has shown the conditions under which most Indians live (in grinding poverty and filth). Several hundred people attacked a cinema house in Patna, protesting at the title of the film. About 40 Mumbai slum dwellers, organized by a social activist, held up banners reading “Poverty for Sale” and “I am not a dog” outside the home of Anil Kapoor, one of the film’s stars. Film star Amitabh Bachan also accused the film makers of portraying India as a “third-world, dirty, underbelly developing nation”.

I don’t know why he was offended. Four out of ten Indians go to bed hungry every night. The scenes that we see in Indian movies and tele-plays which show men and women always enjoying life do not depict the real India. The real India is in the slums, where the streets are filled with shit and the air stinks of urine. It’s time for Indian leaders to concentrate on improving the living standards of the starving population of India and not to spend on projects like sending rockets to the moon.

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  1. U pakistani people are highly infected of jealousy.abe apne kam se kam saudi arab or america ki dhote ho,tumhare karan indian muslim badnam hote hai. (Hath pav me dam Nahi . . . . . .) abe slumdog millinair me jo dikhaya hai vo to hamne bhi pehli bar dekha hai.apne villages me dekho kitni gandagi hai.mehangayi tumhare yahan jyada day baluchistan will be separate country.india will take back p o k. Jai hind

  2. According to the United Nations Population Division projection, by year 2019 – 1.9% of indian population will be infected with the Virus — and with your over-crowded population, that is a LOT of people!!!!

    the indians always talk about taleban, but they forget about the genocide in their own country. There are FIVE THOUSAND Christian refugees in indians —no thanks to BJP sponsored hindu extremist mobs

    Attack on Indian Christians worries Pope

    Hindu Holy war strikes in India: 35 Christians killed and 50,000 forced from their homes

    More Christians killed in India violence

    Churches burnt as Hindu extremists wage anti-Christian violence hits eastern India

    Six more churches burn in India

    India’s Muslims in Crisis,8599,1862650,00.html

    i have been critsized for saying this –but i must be honest. India was much better off when the Muslims were ruling. The hindus (regardless of caste) are very docile on individual basis. But as a group, they fall victim to wild animal herd behaviour. It’s most unfortunate.

    I would like to close my post with a few bullet points

    1. Please don’t consider Hindu dominated India as whole world.

    2. Please don’t confuse vicious Indian/Hindu propaganda as world opinion.

    3. Name a single Taliban holding any political or government office in Pakistan. On the other hand I can name thousands of Hindu extremists (BJP + RSS) in every level of politics and government offices. e.g. the bigot Modi.

    4. Don’t forget, on numerous occasions these Hindu terrorists have embarked on blood orgies by massacring hundreds of thousands of hapless Muslims, Sikhs, Christian and Dalits.

    5. Don’t forget, on numerous occasions these Hindu terrorists have publicly announced their plans to destroy Pakistan and cleanse India from Muslims, Sikhs, Christian and Dalits.

    6. Give me a single name of any Hindu extremist who was convicted for massacring and ethnically cleansing the Muslims, Sikhs, Christian and Dalits.

    So why don’t you give a rest to your hypocrisy.

  3. @Vinod: we have greater reason to worry about India’s nuclear weapons falling into the hands of fanatics. One of your politicians even advocated a nuclear war with Pakistan after the Mumbai incident. There are many more extremist groups in India than in Pakistan, and if one of them gets hold of your nuclear weapons, they’ll drop them not only on Pakistan but also on India. As far as Bollywood (shouldn’t it be Mollywood?) movies are concerned, most of them are crap. Your TV plays are watched mostly by women who have nothing to do. Spend some time and watch our TV plays on GEO and HUM channels, they’re popular throughout the world (wherever Urdu/Hindi is understood). And our actresses don’t have to take off most of their clothes to be popular, unlike yours (who seem to be allergic to clothes).

  4. @Vinod: apparently you have not heard of world-class Pakistani singers like Mehdi Hassan and the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (who was revered as a god in Japan during his lifetime). And when you call Pakistan’s atomic weapons dirty or low-class, you’re only fooling yourself. The world has recognized that India’s nuclear weapons and missiles are not as advanced as Pakistan’s. Finally, you don’t know that many writers have said that India can disintegrate because of its extreme poverty, caste system and discrimination against minorities.

  5. let it be known for the record that the P2 centrifuges running at KRL are producint higher grade and yield nuclear weapons. More pertinently, even the indians have admitted that our delivery systems (i.e. the missiles) are more advanced than those in Slumdog-istan.

    i think years of dalit vegetarian diet has had a bad impact on this funny guy Mr. Vinod.

    Yes Vinod — we Pakistanis really want to drink cow-piss soft drinks and live in sewars like rats –classified as dalits and brahmins. We Pakistanis really wish we had 50% of the worlds total HIV population, and we REALLY wish that our country was a herd of wild hindus who marry dogs for ceremonial purposes

    you got us all figured out man….


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