Homeopathy, Are They Doctors?

I really don’t know what the medical laws say in Pakistan about the mentioning of homeopathic specialists as doctors. It has become a stereotype to call a homeopathic person, a doctor.

I myself know many people, who opted to become a homeopathic “doctor” over night, after failing in every other walk of life. I had a buddy in college, who was hopeless in biology as well as in maths. He was as bleak in chemistry as he was insoluble in English. He is now a Homeo doctor and surprisingly enough has got many patients.

A typical MBBS doctor in Pakistan gets his degree after a long, painful and frustrating journey. After surpassing a fierce competition in FSc, he competes in the entry test of medical colleges, then he just becomes a study machine throughout his five years in the medical college, and those five years are yet another story of misery, awful atrocities, terrible schedules and cut-throat competition. After five years, the poor doctor normally does one year house job and then he has to read some more years to get any specialization and so on.

But these homeo doctors are strange lucky species. They don’t have to study. They don’t have to know the ins and outs of human anatomy or anything else. They don’t know a thing about medicine, pathology or any other medical field, yet they call themselves a doctor.

Now a days a new dangerous trend has caught on. By exploiting the poverty of common people, some homeo doctors have started to prescribe the alopathic medicine to the patients at very cheap rates. Number of such criminal homeos and hakeems is increasing rapidly and they are reaching almost 1 million in Pakistan. They are not only conducting their evil business in public openly, but are also advertising in the media with all the fanfare.

Government should take stern action against such spineless creatures. Pakistan medical and dental council should also come forward and play its part to raise awareness in the masses.

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  1. Yes I agree with the post. I am a MBBS doctor and I worker with Homeopaths. But I have one opinion about this . All homeopaths are not bad. If you have to distinguish them just ask them they have completed graduation after FSc (premed) or Metric. If they say they are metric base homeopaths that means they are quacks. All metric base homeopaths are quacks by there level of education. Government should bann them using the title Doctor. How ever FSc and other higher qualified Homeopaths are different from these metric pass quacks.

  2. sir, im respect to homeopathy as wel as allopathy,actully these both pathy are work for,good helth of humanbing,both fight against diseases,n for prevention of it,an trying to cure an to healing it. so dosent matter,it homeopathy or allopathy,i agrry that some people are only doing homeopathy for money n also include allopaths,but i feel their is not proper, detail teaching n education regarding homeopathy,so thats why people dout about homeopathic science.but my humble reqest to all that doctors dont create war in between homeopaty n allopathy,both are BEST on its own position so be happy n focus on health for all.

  3. Recent advances in bio-chemistry (mother of allopathy) have still not been able to prove how homeopathy is able to treat patients. These patients (fortunately) have recovered from homeopathy where allopathy has failed. Turns out that in germany a team of bio-physicists (a new term in medical sciences) had a landmark study which proved that homeopathy medicine was able to cure a wide variety of conditions and diseases not thru bio-chemistry (your regular anti-biotics etc) but thru bio-physics.

    my belief in homeopathy is very strong, and can list out people in huge numbers (ranging from celebrities to politicians) who also have good faith in this healing practice.

    the reason is results; nothing else! and that too when they have lost all hope with allopathic doctors who are minting money with the scam of pharmaceutical companies and hospital monopoly alike. This breed of medical practitioners is a devils advocate who are generally only able to treat pockets not human beings.

    I also do not sympathise with quacks. there is a quack in every profession. I also cannot vouch for every Tom, Dick and Harry who practices homeopathy for money. But I can vouch for some individuals who are able to practice homeopathy for free as a service to their fellow human beings.

    When somebody is able to do free service and get results then this practice is to be looked into and admired, and also be enough to prove that homeopathy may be a miracle in science. There is a big possibility that the money-minded pharmaceutical lobby is not allowing homeopathy to come forward as it will prove to the world that health care need not be expensive.

  4. I am a student of DHMS. I have almost done my B.Sc. and waiting for result. I have read a lot about Homoeopath and allopath. One thing I like to mention that if you say the Homoeopath doctor a thing of no use. Please keep in mind the revolution lanunched by Dr. Hanneman and Entire Germany is echoing with the slogan given by Dr. Hanneman who was both allopath and a homeopath at a time.

  5. DEAR SIR,


  6. Well I don’t agree with the commoner. Wht because there are solid reasons for that. I ask you why they should not be called a doctor.
    1) you are forgetting lots of DHMS doctors and DUMS unanipaths who are treating the suffering population of Pakistan by large. They are treating those cases “speccially to mention” which are make worse by FCSP or FRCS/CP pass doctors. but problem is that a purticular lobby of these english speaking doctors is mentioning onlyt the darkside of Homeopaths and Unanipaths.
    2) Second of course there are 4 years DHMS and 4 years DUMS qualified doctors like Shukat who don’t want to study and even try to see the curriculum what there is written. But just to call them self a healer they qualify the exams and at the end when not successful claiming the course. Unaware of there potentials which is yes less for this courses. And yes there comes a defficiency in part of National council for homeopathy and tibb collecting donkeys for there 4 year courses that is metriculates instead of intermediate/bachelor science. The course curriculum has no defficiency.Defficiency lies in students like shukat who don’t want to learn or open the books and in admission criteria. Its just same that we have Doctor Shah a famous allopath and Adeeb rizvi and we have also sales rape and other nonpracticing allopaths who are working in police or in TV as acnhor persons or else why because they are of shukat type a loosers.
    3) For your king knowledge don’t think if some one in profession is duffer the whole proffesionals are duffer. There are many examples where these DHMS and DUMS pass physicians working in Canada,USA,Australia and minstry of health UAE, Saudiarabia South Africa etc. Like wise ther are allopathic doctors working as cheff, dish washers in Canada, Usa etc. So do you thinks allopaths should not be called doctors.
    Finally not all fingers are equal. Yes we have junks types like shukat and else and we have many others inPakistan that are treating oncology cases as well as others. They are not only doctors in sense they are specialist in there feilds.

    I hope that will satisfy your needs as it shows the other picture the most prominent one. And please don’t be stereotype about unanipaths and Homeopathic doctors. I know once upon a time before this HEC not very long when there is UGC allopathic studens even from Karachi and Lahore base medical colleges pass there exams via paper outs and BOOTY (lots of pherraas) and yes by putiing guns on desks in front of invagilators. I hope tumhaan yaad ho thora thoraa loolz. ghara murda na nikaloo werna phans jauoo gaa.

  7. Hello Guru, what entice you to post an article. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Saturday.

  8. Salam, i agreed with COMMONER. I have passed 4 year diploma of homoeopathy and plus 4 year diploma in herbal medicines. i am not saticefied myself, the teaching in these colleges, procedure of examination, everything is faulty and fraud. and now one more issue has become, one year diplomas of homoeopathy and hikmat, it is all fraud. and only for protection af ITAYIT.Govt should take action.

  9. I have a happy story about Homeopathy. I personally dont use the remedies but my Grandmother (bless her soul) is a vociferous advocate.

    I used to have a parakeet bird in my home which i used to allow to fly around the kitchen/dining area. One day we let her out of her cage but forgot to turn off the ceiling fan. Inevitably, she flew right into the blades of the fan (which was on high speed). She fell straight to the ground and for at least 2-3 days it was suffering so much it couldnt even stand straight to eat her food. I thought it would die at any minute.

    My grandmother took a bottle of ‘’Pharum Phos.’’ (spelling may be incorrect) and delicately placed it in her beak.

    I swear on the Holy Quran – the next day it was 100% active and not showing sign of injury. After a few days she was flying again and chirping away.

    I have a good respect now for the field of Homeopathy. I don’t subscribe to it, but i respect it a lot.


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