Homeopathy, Are They Doctors?

I really don’t know what the medical laws say in Pakistan about the mentioning of homeopathic specialists as doctors. It has become a stereotype to call a homeopathic person, a doctor.

I myself know many people, who opted to become a homeopathic “doctor” over night, after failing in every other walk of life. I had a buddy in college, who was hopeless in biology as well as in maths. He was as bleak in chemistry as he was insoluble in English. He is now a Homeo doctor and surprisingly enough has got many patients.

A typical MBBS doctor in Pakistan gets his degree after a long, painful and frustrating journey. After surpassing a fierce competition in FSc, he competes in the entry test of medical colleges, then he just becomes a study machine throughout his five years in the medical college, and those five years are yet another story of misery, awful atrocities, terrible schedules and cut-throat competition. After five years, the poor doctor normally does one year house job and then he has to read some more years to get any specialization and so on.

But these homeo doctors are strange lucky species. They don’t have to study. They don’t have to know the ins and outs of human anatomy or anything else. They don’t know a thing about medicine, pathology or any other medical field, yet they call themselves a doctor.

Now a days a new dangerous trend has caught on. By exploiting the poverty of common people, some homeo doctors have started to prescribe the alopathic medicine to the patients at very cheap rates. Number of such criminal homeos and hakeems is increasing rapidly and they are reaching almost 1 million in Pakistan. They are not only conducting their evil business in public openly, but are also advertising in the media with all the fanfare.

Government should take stern action against such spineless creatures. Pakistan medical and dental council should also come forward and play its part to raise awareness in the masses.

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  1. I read some replies from so called homeopathic doctors which are full of errors and are nonsensical. Please refer to wikipedia about homeopathy to find out yourself. Globally its agreed and discarded as a quack and unscientific belief. Calling a homeopathic a doctor should be taken as a serious crime of fraud and impersonation and should be punishable by Law.

  2. Homeopathy is so deeply rooted into out society that people actually believe it is “medical science”. Even when thousands of international medical journals have called it completely false and fake. But people do not listen. .. so i think let them treat themselves by it, let them call themselves doctors. .. with time and education people will learn the truth

  3. With respect to all medical professionals, In old era the Muslims gave some theory about anatomy, physiology, chemistry, physics, maths, surgery etc the question is, are they MBBS, DHMS or HAKEEM?? try to serve human-being instead of criticism to each other and share your researches to save humanity.

  4. There must be knowledge about tge homeopathy to criticise it. Saying something against any profession without knowledge is stupidity.

  5. when i think about the views expressed by the i don’t know he is a doctor or not, that are these Homeopaths doctors are not. i would like to term and wash the complete CNS of that MBBS doctor, who is even not in the mode to accept Homeopaths as doctors, that MBBS is also a bachlor degree, if DHMS or BHMS are not doctors then how the MBBS can be called doctors. Moreover, now the people of vicinity are screambling towards Homeopathis type of treatment, because the Elopahts have completely failed in providing proper medical treatment to the patients axcept prescribing them a broud spectrum of Anti-Biotech medicin, most of which results in the form of kidney failure, hear burn, gastric disorder etc. I am not in against of complete elopaths, i have example here in Balochistan, that a patient was even treated in a very high profile hospitals by high profile doctors but all in vain. but when he visited a Homepathic Doctor, he is now completely taking food and is 100% healthy now, if some one wants his contect i am here to provide his complete detaile. If above said MBBS doctor is not accepting Homeopahs as doctors, then they are also not doctors, they are just elopaths just till then, they have not completed their PH.D. I request these Elopaths to pleas mend their way, just put their attention towards the curement of the patients, not in just getting money from poor patients. we should help poor people whether we are Homeopaths or Elopaths. Thanks

  6. Actually author is himself very much prejudiced having no knowledge
    of Homeopathic Medical Science, world recocnozes Homeopathy a
    science but does’nt matter a foolish does not. Number of graduates having
    5 years BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medical Sciences) and M.Phil.
    fromThe Islamia University of Bahawalpur recognised by HEC have
    been passed out.
    Sallybus of a BHMS is not less than MBBS. I chalange COmmoner
    to conduct combine research and or conference on any topic then
    it will be self evident “WHO IS WHO AND WHAT IS WHAT?”


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