Causes of Poverty

Poverty is the state for the majority of the world’s people and nations. Why is this? Being a student of economics, I have to relive the causes of poverty on fingertips. Whenever asked what I have to do is to blame global actors such as rich countries, international institutions and multinationals. Conviction is usually added to argument by portraying myself, my nation and like nations helpless in face of their policies. But an unrevealed question in an anonymous voice continues to echo in my classrooms and seminar halls: Is this true? Is this the whole truth?

Ofcourse this is the truth but incomplete. Half-quenched. Tell you, problem with economics is that it is the science of complicated truths. Extensive efforts to learn these truths have put many simple truths under grave, which if not unascertained can resolve many economic paradox rather undisputedly. With the power of these simple truths, it is legitimate to theorize that poor people and their nations are equally responsible for their own plight. They harvest poverty on their lands when they sow the seed of ‘negligence of personal responsibility’. Responsibility to face the truth; to accept themselves in whole; to question their predicament; to initiate the change; to shoulder themselves; to see dreams what they can fulfill; to live by law; to ‘say no to drugs’; and so on.

A complete analysis of relationship between drugs and poverty will be the content of next post.

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  1. When my son was about 4 years old, he came to me one day and asked “Dada, you’re you, and I’m me, and we’re not the same, are we?” I laughed and said “No, we’re not, but we are much alike; you are like your mother, too, but you are a brand new one, different from both of us.”
    My son is not my clone, and if I had ten, twenty, a hundred, or none at all, none of them would be. If I manage to leave this world having done some good, it won’t be because of my fatherhood, but for other things I’ve done.
    There is a big difference between raising a child and jerking him (or her) up by the back of the neck. Siring is an act requiring but fifteen minutes, and which almost any man can do, therefore merely planting your seed is no claim to pride or fame. Fatherhood is a far different story, a job requiring decades of commitment, love, care, work, compromise and sacrifice to accomplish properly, to send the new young adult into the world, able to handle life, survive, and hopefully to shine on his or her own.
    I am quite proud of my son much more because society beyond myself has told me that he is right and good, than because he looks like me. The sons and daughters I never had do not really register in my awareness very often.

  2. I know an educated man who has 3 wives (he’s 5 years older than me). I told him that although for every Jew in the world there are ten Muslims, yet the Jews dominate the planet. So it seems natural that to progress, Muslims will have to practice birth control. He was shocked. Muslims must go on multiplying, otherwise they will become extinct, he said. If this is what most Muslims believe, we don’t have much of a future.

  3. The article and the given comments on the article, both are good.But from general study, i know that Money is not the sole cause of poverty.but the main cause is THE GOVERNMENT POLICY & WHITE COLLAR CRIMES which enhance the ratio of crimes.

  4. but i think if u look at today –people are having fewer kids than the older generations did.

    Its so stupid in our country. People will have all these babies popping out en masse, especially amongst the less educated lower income groups.

    They see the children as a good investment, as they will all grow and take care of the parents when they get old.

    We really need to learn from Chinese about handling population growth. 1 or 2, maybe 3 kids no problem. Dont be creating household zoos!

    Power generation problems, and lack of investment in infrastructure and education in the rural areas is an issue we must deal with sooner than later.

    Inflation is coming down a little bit, which is a good thing. But basic things like atta and chawwal are still expensive….forget gosht/meat

  5. i believe that one of the main cause of poverty is the “poor economic policies”.
    sadly saying our economic policies do little to alleivate poverty but often increase it.

  6. It is interesting to note the comments made by all of you. I guess Education is the root cause why the nation tend to remain poor. In the words of Benjamin Franklin ” If you think Education is expensive, try ignorance”.

    Japan was on the brink of disaster after the world war. It was one of the countries which brought revolution with its quality initiatives.

    World class business leaders ‘Akio Morita’ who founded the company ‘Sony’ along with the engineer Ibuka started the Electronic giant in the partially destroyed building to make it among the leading Electronic giants of the world.

    The U.S Marine are known to be the toughest fighting forces of the world. They follow the motto ‘ Semper fi’ which means Always faithful.

    The four major characteristics which the U.S Marine follow and could also be used for individual and as well as for the countres are.
    1) Discipline.
    2) Motivation.
    3) Commitment.
    4) Sacrifice.

  7. dear monika and saira
    both of you are right but what i am concerned is the most major indicator of poverty is unempoyment and inflation
    e.g the situaton of pakistan why the unemployment increase due to bad political sitution .
    when the political situation is not satisefied then how forgien companies will come and invest in pakistan one reasan is this . thanks if u want to discuse this issue so i am here my name is Rafiullah i am student of BSC ECONOMICS AND FINANCE and i wish to talk about such issues thanks

  8. You are absolutly right Monika. And thats what I called the negligence of personal reponsibilty in the form of accepting our system without questioning its predicament.

  9. i am a student of M.A. in Economics and i think the major internal cause of poverty is corruption. many govt. programs that are meant for poverty reduction dont reach the targetted people.bribes lead to diversion of resources away from productive uses. corruption also creates inequalities, for e.g. at the age of four or five i think nine children out of ten perform at the same level when they go for admission. here the corruption enters, now the school authorities choose that student who can provide the funds for the school on long term basis i.e. the child who has rich parents. the children of rich people get access to the best studies and in future they are the one who earn huge sums of money and the poor remain poor. the admission procedures of a school are not transparent. the current education system cant end corruption. the citizens of a nation are not united. each tries to earn as maximum as possible and even at the cost of earning of others. we don’t treat each other as our family members. the head of a family works hard not because he has the responsibility of his family but because he has love for his children. in the same way i think one should treat one’s nation as one’s child not as one’s mother. only then poverty and inequality can be removed.


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