The ultimate aim of a blog should be to influence. The readership and traffic and ads too will come automatically. You blog and they will come. The influential and effective blogging is what should be of pivotal importance. The traffic and readership levels are actually benefits that are symptomatic of something that precedes them.

The popularity of blog can be artificially increase through link baiting or through inclusion in blog directories or by digging, redding, furling, swarming, twittering etc, but all these are short term, one time tactics. Content is the king. If the blog presents something useful to reader, the reader will make sure everybody in his/her circle know about it. A good blog spreads like a jungle fire. A blog catches on just like any other idea spreads—it must address to people in a way that they want to hear. Your posts must fill a human requirement, and that would most often be at an emotional level, no matter how practical we think our subject matter is.

The primary and fundamental niche behind your blog must be easy for your target audience to immediately grasp. Your readers must be able to quickly communicate what you and your blog are all about in order for your ideas to spread. Don’t just talk about ordinary, neither just brag about you or what you do or have done. If you talk about ordinary, don’t talk in an ordinary way. Find a new fresh angle and put a new color to the existing thing. Make something seemingly useless, useful to the readers, or make something apparently useful, useless to them for their benefit. Or maybe it’s just a completely new perspective on a topic, or a combination of two seemingly unrelated concepts into something fresh.

Make your blog’s goodwill immaculate and paragon. Set very high standards and stick to them no matter what. Be trustworthy and credible. Credibility is crucial to any successful blog, and it’s easier to lose it than it is to earn it. People must not only feel that you know what you’re talking about; they also want to know they can trust you. Remember, it has been a challenge to get all the pieces right.

Unless your blog doesn’t hit a chord with your readers it cannot succeed. Traffic and all is fine, and there are many ways to get traffic even without great content but your blog is only successful your blog is only successful when your words extend a hand towards your reader and they touch and feel it.

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