Social Media Commentary on Pakistan Budget 2013-14

Pakistan Budget 2013 Social Media

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Shahzeb Khan Murder: Victimization by Denial

Shahzeb Khan murder case

It seems that Pakistani journalists have become slaves to their own hypocrisy. Every time a political entity impinges upon the media’s right to free speech, they retaliate with full force. Yet, today, the very media that was sworn in to protect people’s rights has put away its pen and ink … Read more

ITCN Asia 2012 Review

Rehan School

ITCN Asia 2012 was held at Karachi Expo Center during September 18-20. While the event started on 18th, it was officially inaugurated on the 19th by Sindh IT Minister Faisal Subzwari. I visited ITCN on the 2nd day, well before the good Minister came for the inauguration. I found the … Read more

Blogging vs Journalism: Talat Hussain thinks Bloggers are not Journalists

blogging vs journalism

Social Media is abuzz on a statement by famous TV anchor cum journalist, Talat Hussain. The veteran journalist thinks quite low of the bloggers and has high plans for how the social media, especially Twitter, should be used. Talat refers to bloggers as groups who have angled themselves as journalists, … Read more

PML-N trying to poach PTI Social Media activists

A Pro PTI Social Media activists who goes by the name of Code Decode has been recently approached by Tassaduq Hussain, webmaster of PML-N website, who offered him a job to work for PML-N. Code Decode put this all on YouTube. Another catch dropped by PML-N. Better luck next time … Read more

Colors of Khewra Salt Mines covered by Bloggers and Social Media Activists

My Desire and Dream to Break the Ice: Geeks, Bloggers, Social Media Activists and the Writers are hard to go away from their Laptops, Netbooks and some old stuff like Pens and some blanks pages to write on. But Me as Social Media Activist and Blogger at same time was … Read more