Attention Through Blogging

The basic aim of blogging has become to attract attention. The ultimate goal could be to convince or dissuade people or to earn the revenue or to market anything. But primary objective is to divert the attention.

In blogging, don’t think like a generic journalist/reader figure. The journalist / reader mindset can also cause you unnecessary pain. The key to successful blogging is an alignment of interests between blogger and reader. It’s that crucial juncture where what’s good for your readers matches what’s good for you. Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.

In blogging, the same happening can be blogged by limitless bloggers across the world. The thing which differentiates and stands a blog out of the crowd is the fresh and unique angle, through which a blogger perceives a common happening.

Really, blogging is not something to just keyed-away. It isn’t something that you would just sit on the computer and type away. Its the small piece of creative thinking in an agile style. Great blogging requires contemplative thought. If you’re truly going to get into lateral thinking mode, you’ve got to step away from the keyboard and think. Stop surfing, twittering, and reading emails and go for a walk. The idea will pop-up.

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