Why I Blog at Chowrangi!

When people visit a blog, they want something that is interesting, something different. If it doesn’t appeal to the reader right away, he/she might not visit the blog again. This is why it is wise to write on different subjects, and my favorites include lifestyle, blogging and the occult category.

I personally blog at Chowrangi because of the beautiful layout, the freedom to write on anything I want and the vast number of categories. I didn’t start a personal blog for the simple reason that there are millions out there, lying in some corner eating dust. Multi-authored blogs generate a lot of traffic, so it is wise to blog at one, if you want people to read what you write.

Another reason why I blog at Chowrangi is because of its ability to generate content that appeals to everyone, regardless of race, religion, culture, interests, background etc. Other blogs just talk about politics. I don’t think an Arab or a Westerner would want to visit a blog to find out what Musharraf, Manmohan Singh or Zardari do everyday. Even an Indian or a Pakistani wouldn’t, as there is more than enough information in newspapers and on the internet.

One person who has really impressed me is Fahd Mirza. A human blogging machine. If it wasn’t for him, I would not have taken blogging as seriously as I do. Someone who I learnt perseverance from.

Although blogging has always been about males in the past, it is good to see a rise in the number of female bloggers. My favorites include Ambreen, Momina and Hina Safdar. It is good to see them doing an excellent job, creating interest among readers and making a difference.

Blogging is not a passion. When you’re on Chowrangi, it becomes an addiction.

14 thoughts on “Why I Blog at Chowrangi!”

  1. @ yusha, putting everything side-wise, you are the jewel in the crown among the chowrangi contributors.

    keep blogging…

  2. Chowrangi is quite different from other blogs as there is less of politics and more issues based discussion.I really appreciate the efforts of all those contributing quality articles like (Yusha,Shakir,Hina,Momina, and many more) who enlighten us on various issues/subjects.
    As very rightly said by Yusha “Blogging is not a passion. When you’re on Chowrangi, it becomes an addiction.”

  3. @Hina; The fact that you are humble, keep to yourself, don’t get into unnecessary arguments and have taken the correct decision to blog on Chowrangi. Everything is highly impressive. 🙂


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