Why Does Meera’s Age Matter?

MeeraPakistani forums are abuzz with the incident of someone announcing that Meera had turned 25 at the Karachi Press Club. Meera has become the butt of all jokes. First off, the announcement was not made by her, and secondly, why does it matter how old she is?

It seems like people cracking jokes about the incident have nothing better to do in their lives. Also, it shows how Pakistanis target women to pass their time. Just recently it was Veena Malik, and now it is Meera (albeit on a smaller scale).

Why don’t people mind their own business? People laughing at her need to take a good, hard look at themselves, and perhaps try and figure out why Pakistan is a laughing stock in front of the whole world.

Express Tribune has the story:

Dressed in a cream coloured outfit, almost half an hour late from the expected time of arrival, film star Meera arrived at the Karachi Press Club on the evening of May 21 and celebrated her birthday with the city’s journalist community.

Speaking on the occasion, Meera said: “I would like to thank Aziz Awan and Asif Ali Pota, for remembering my birthday, which although falls on May 12, I was busy shooting certain programmes, recording certain stuff and so I could not travel back to Lahore to celebrate my birthday with my family and friends.”

Meera said: “I have always had the occasion celebrated not only by my friends and family but I even celebrate it, every year with the journalist community of Lahore at the Lahore Press Club.”

She said: “On May 12, people from various quarters and places of Pakistan wished me, for which I am very thankful to them.” Uttering on her very own: “Happy Birthday!” This made the journalist community of Karachi laugh out loud.

As she was cutting the two-tier cake, the lot of the journalists present at the event started questioning her, about her age. She did not utter a single digit but someone besides her loudly said: “She has turned 25. This is her 25th birthday.” This threw the journalist community, most of whom in a fit of laughter and this eventually made the diva angry and upset and for once, she spoke much sense stating quite blatantly: “We need to become serious, we are not serious people, just look at the nation, this non-serious attitude has led us, where? Sadly, Pakistan has become a laughing stock in front of the entire world.”

4 thoughts on “Why Does Meera’s Age Matter?”

  1. Meera (or any another celebrity in the world for that matter) can stay 25 for the rest of her life. It doesn’t bother me, nor does it make a difference to my life. However, I find it absurd that people who make fun of her have nothing better to do in life.

  2. lolxx!! why people dnt talk about her why they mind their own business??? she is the so called star of PAkistan’s film industry … so people will obviously talk about her !!! and these actresses actually enjoy such stupid scandels about themselves for gain popularity…!!

  3. People cannot mind their own business, as you are writing this story.
    why don’t you simply forget this thing and start doing your own work.
    As you can’t do this, others too can’t do that. And fairly speaking these girls
    like meera are interested in being scandalized, to be in media and newspapers


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