Why are there so few female bloggers compared to males?

If you think about the best bloggers out there, names of males will come to mind. Look at any multi-authored blog, and you will see the majority of bloggers are males. Look at personal blogs and the top rated ones belong to males. Look at commentators on blogs and….you’ve guessed it, males.

I have seen very few female bloggers and out of the ones that I have seen, none blogs frequently. The opposite can be said of males. Blogging machines. Sometimes I get the feeling that they have been locked up somewhere with a laptop. Why does blogging appeal so much to males and not to females? Why are males crazy about blogging and females aren’t? What is it about blogging that males find so addictive and females don’t?

9 thoughts on “Why are there so few female bloggers compared to males?”

  1. Incidently I owe the same traits as Hina Safdar, being a housewife, a mother, a teacher by profession and a blogger by passion. I think this is a field not yet explored by the females. Once they will, then I am sure they will over take their make counterparts….like on the announcement of every result in the newspaper there is the same heading “Girls out shine boys”….

  2. no .lem me tell you the real sinister reason behind all that bloggy thingy….every one got inspired by that dollar kamaiye ad 😛
    so they now keep ranting and checking there adsense account daily in hope of earning some ..sorry in hope of dollar kamaiye

    alright alright no offense.but..hell I ain’t taking ma words back..do whateva u can 😛

  3. @ Yusha
    This debate is a wild goose chase. Very few of my gender who are in my contact possess laptop or personal computer, while most of the men in my contacts do have computer but they don’t blog. So it is not gender it is personal choice if any one wants to blog no one can stop it. You can take my exception as an example. I am a housewife, a teacher by profession and a blogger by passion.

    @ Hamid Sir
    it is nice to hear that from you thanks.

  4. Well Yusha
    i believe I had the same opinion sometime bak, but on this platform I did came across bloggers like Ambreen Kazmi and Hina Safdar,
    and I must admit that they blog really well.
    On this issue, I believe its aptitude rather than gender that matter

  5. well there are many reasons for it. First of all daily household chores are responsible as mentioned earlier. female give priority to home and children rather than to express herself.
    I totally disagree with the above statements that “male are more educated” .The 51% of population IS NOT IN NAY WAY BEHIND MEN. Todays women is working side by side with men although some of them are not ready to except this fact.
    As for Blogs I think men want to be prominent and Dominating thats why they are more on blogs and females have a lot other practical activities to fulfill.
    Would any of you take care of crying baby and let your wife do write a blog?

  6. Hi, I am female and so is the co blogger on our blog and both of us do blog though I admit I am regular and she is not.I always thought women are the more vocal of the species and were good at putting their thoughts into words … so surprised me to see that bloggers are mostly male 🙂

    Maybe the fact is men are more educated, have more exposure to computers and are more open to airing their opinions, or it could be just that since they speak far less they find posting their thoughts down more cathartic …. could be anything.

  7. One reason could be that men are more educated than women. Another possibility is that more men than women can afford to buy laptops. But why haven’t you noticed that there are no transvestites or eunuchs in the blogosphere? What about that guy who pretends to be Begum Nawazish Ali? No, wait: that chap is a real male (I don’t like him, but he’s popular among the illiterate masses).


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