Where the knowledge should be kept, Head or World?

In the is information era, knowledge is the king. The more you know, the more you are successful and ahead in the race. Knowing about something was never as important as it is today. Knowledge has become the most precious and treasured asset of a person. But where it should be kept? Whether in steel safe situated the basement of your high-walled, well-fortified home or in the water tank of your commode?

Jesting apart, we have to define what should be remembered, and what should exist out there which we recognize and understand intuitively. The more we can rely on external clues the better, and there’s no reason we should have to memorize the reference steps for doing something we’ll never do again, but we have to memorize some things. The trick is to figure out what.

Knowledge in the World refers to external clues whereas Knowledge in the Head refers to things you memorize and know. Which one you prefer to have more?

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