Where MQM Stands?

National government is in the offing, though it’s viability and modality is still very much engulfed in the dark clouds of ifs and buts, and also there are numerous questions to be answered yet from both sides. MQM is one of them.

Muttahida Qaumi Movement has once again gained seats in Karachi and Hyderabad, and in many constituencies where they have won, the opponents are decrying the results and raising hell with the allegations of rigging. It’s been the hallmark of MQM to act negative and then become a victim.

Anway, MQM has tasted the pleasures of power, and they now want to stick with it. They want to become part of any government in center and in the Sindh province. It’s clear that PPP would form the government in Sindh Assembly, and also in the center, and MQM now wants to be the part of both.

The leaders of PPP from Karachi are dead against the joining hands of MQM with PPP, as they have not forget the massacre of 12th May, 2008 2007. These leaders consider PML-Q and MQM on the same grounds and they do not like when Asif Ali Zardari talks about also including them in the fray.

13 thoughts on “Where MQM Stands?”

  1. Well i agree with above comments from my friends yet I have some strong points to argue with.
    MQM black mail certain governments openly, they have spread through Karachi widely with weapons on every sector office, unit office and every where. Mustafa Kamal is only person who can be praised without any biasness in mind but he has put all his party workers in capital city police, cdgk office and other areas where he is accessible, my friends all muhajirs get rejected by unit and sector offices by saying that be member of MQM then only you can have job with capital city police.

    I salute Gen Mushraf for making Pakistan’s image superb in the world but he gave open hand to MQM, they brought all sort of weapons in Karachi including rocket launchers and other heavy war heads with millions of G3 and other klanshkofs and gernades and bombs, I myself witness this.
    This is extremly bad, being a political party they should not show this attitude, every unit office is having 100+ weapons of different type, if you cannt find it in unit office, seeach near by banglow, flat or shop, they keep it there.
    Still I love MQM since when I saw Mustafa Kamal’s development work! GREAT MAN, better than ALTAF HUSSAIN.

  2. Well, Karachi nicknamed “mini-pakistan” and being the financial engine and buisness hub means MQM has control of one of the most ethnically diverse and complex city in pakistan, but the city with the most potential in Pakistan too. Moreover, there can be no doubt that Mustafa kamal has done miracles to the city and MQM workers project themselves much better in the media than any other political party. I think in near future we will definately see MQM spreading to the other provinces: they are already present in Kashmir

  3. There is no second opinion in that Karachi is the main financial hub of Pakistan and every political party wants to take control of Karachi on Political ground. PPP and Jamat-e-Isalami both have had tried to established there foot in Karachi but both failed. MQM that represent Urdu Speaking People has vote bank just in two cities of Karachi and Hyderabad. At the same time, Urdu Speaking people that lives in Karachi in great numbers see only MQM as their ture representative. Fact is that MQM use his invisible militant group to counter rise and growth of any other political party in Karachi. Millitant wing of MQM and its organzational structure in the shape of Sectors and Units are so strong and mobolized that they control the most of the affairs of the city. This can be witnessed on 12 May when MQM workers did not allow PPP, ML, MMA ANP and Lawyer to get off the airport and went to City Court. MQM does not only has stronghold in muhajir localities in Karachi but also whealthy business community also depend on MQM for running their industries.

    So militancy in MQM may be solved in case when middle class urdu speaking people like Mustaf Kamal & Azeem Tariq (Late) like people take control of MQM management and run the party and city Politicaly not by way of miltancy.

    There is no doubt in my mind that if MQM concentrate on
    development works (as Mustafa Kamal is presently doing) in Karachi instead of going for achiveing due rights of Muhajirs by help of Gun and militancy as they tried to did in late 1980s, MQM organization system and mobolized workers and support of Muhajir people can change the picture of Karachi and may extand their vote bank outside Karachi and Hyderabad.

    For this Urud speaking people will have to serach for alternate of Altaf Hussain and present RABTA COMMITTEE MEMBERS who have lost faith of common Muhajir man and induct middle class young educated people as they did in 1984 at the time of launching Muhajir Qumi Movement.

    Despite being involved in various militant acts since 1990s, MQM enjoys big support from Muhajir community. Hence MQM can not be eliminated from Karachi, Hderabad, Instead this, fresh/educated middle class people focusing on taking control of Karaci politics by political means and norms should be injucted in MQM and go for change management in various leval of MQM management.


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