What the Dupatta should really cover ….

A lot of girls cover their heads during the Azan with a dupatta, but I don’t know if that is a cultural thing or a religious requirement. They only cover a portion of their heads though. It looks like they are only trying to cover the back of their head! Some girls wear the dupatta on their head habitually, but again, they reveal more hair than they conceal. The dupatta looks like it will slide off any second!

I think the dupatta was generally designed to be worn to cover the…ahem, but a lot of girls wear it around their necks. It has turned into a fashion accessory rather than a requirement. For others, it is purely cultural.

Even while covering the head during the Azan, the dupatta must still be covering the…you know what. Some women cover their head during the Azan in a manner where they end up revealing what really needs to be covered.

113 thoughts on “What the Dupatta should really cover ….”

  1. dear sister, the logic is that a dupatta should cover the chest of a women, cuz when evera man looks upon a women, the first think he looks at is her chest, it may sound awkward but thats true, and that is where his mind goes dirty, and if u think logically then u will agree that a dupatta should cover breast, what is it covering on neck, and a kamiz does not cover breasts completely, it clearly exposes their outlines which is certainly not good…..

  2. I think women should wear dupatta around the neck while wearing salwar kamiz because Islam says to cover your body.Wearing a salwar kamiz a woman covers her breasts.So why she need to cover them with dupatta.I think it’s just for fashion.


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