What is Blogging and why it is becoming futile by the day

About Blogging What does it take to be a blogging genius? Interesting content, good usage of the English language and the ability to transform personal thoughts into words. However, for the new and upcoming bloggers of today, blogging is about visiting other websites and blogs and copying what they find.

Someone on this blog wanted to know why even pointless posts attract a lot of views and comments while good, useful ones don’t. It is a person’s own thoughts and ideas that are respected which eventually generate traffic. I personally love to read what other people think of different aspects of life. I don’t want to know about people’s copy pasting skills, especially when they don’t even bother to mention the source. This is why “pointless” posts attract a lot of traffic and comments while “useful” ones don’t.

There was a time when there were only a handful of multi-authored blogs, but now, a new one seems to pop up every now and then. The reason why new multi-authored blogs are not doing well is because they are unable to provide originality and quality. A multi-authored blog will not automatically generate traffic just because it is multi-authored.

Many simply choose to write on personal blogs but they don’t provide variety. I visited a personal blog with nothing but posts on gadgets. The blog did not have any comments to any post and I am assuming it is because no one visits that blog. I certainly wouldn’t, at least not again, knowing that I would get bored. Other blogs seem to think that blogging is about writing on the Zardari everyday.

Then there are some who’s idea of blogging is talking about how good Urdu is and how English is taking away our identity. I wonder why they feel the need to do so in English. There are blogs available where you can write in Urdu, if you are so in love with Urdu.

Blogging is becoming more and more futile by the day. The spark that was once found in blogs is gone. The maestro’s are nowhere to be seen. People are obsessed with copying other’s work. There are even some complaining about the English language. The standard of blogging has declined. People these days blog just for the sake of it.

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16 thoughts on “What is Blogging and why it is becoming futile by the day”

  1. Mohammad

    “One problem with reading and/or writing about current affairs is that it creates depression. I haven’t watched news channels since a few years now and I hardly read the newspaper.”

    You speak the truth. Your depression and lack of awareness is quite noticeable. Please keep your word on the

    “While I admit that posts on current affairs are required sometimes, bloggers need to stop being obsessed with them”


  2. @Mohammad: Well, current affairs are always of interest because, here we are. We worry how it might affect us personally, whatever it is. Obsessing doesn’t help; those who go on and on and on, hammering at a point soon become repetitive and uninteresting.

    Funny you should say you don’t watch news much. I don’t either anymore. I got tired of the eternal shitstorm, one bad thing after another, mostly ignoring the good things, which frankly far outweigh the bad. Maybe it’s part of my advancing age; I’ve seen it all before. I used to take in everything, wide-eyed, but now if I want to read a good book, I’ll write it; if I want to hear a good song, I’ll sing it. My mind has closed to most sources that don’t tell the whole story in the depth I want, or those I can’t question one-on-one. I’ll generate my own issues in my head. It’s so much better to hunt out the beauty in things, and the good in people, than to have ugliness and evil thrown at you day after day.

  3. @James: Some very insightful comments. While I admit that posts on current affairs are required sometimes, bloggers need to stop being obsessed with them. Chowrangi is probably the only blog that is not obsessed with politics.

    One problem with reading and/or writing about current affairs is that it creates depression. I haven’t watched news channels since a few years now and I hardly read the newspaper. Once in a while I do visit some news website though, knowing that my good mood will soon be ruined.

  4. @Mohammad: Well I think people who write in political blogs are just blowing off steam, even if they intend to sway opinions, and people who read them are looking for either someone who agrees with their viewpoint on this or that, or looking for someone to get really angry with. Some people enjoy being angry; adrenaline rushes, etc., but has the same long-term effects as any other type of drug addiction. I suppose that would be a purpose, but anyone expecting quick results is going to be disappointed.

    The subcontinent, and Pakistan in particular, being next door to the ongoing chaos in Afghanistan, would for obvious reasons seem to be preoccupied with politics; it’s such a key country, trying to find a comfortable place between long-separated ideologies and define its own identity in its own way. The very real volatility on the ground is a real attention getter for the whole world. You’ve got a lot of things going on, a big ball game, and a big percentage of the world’s on the edge of its seat.

  5. @James: I was under the impression that everyone in the subcontinent was obsessed with politics. My wrong opinion further developed when I saw a new multi-author, politics obsessed blog gain unbelievable popularity in an extremely short period of time. However, when they held a poll, nearly half of all voters called the blog useless (I was one of those voters, now dont tell anyone).

  6. @Mr. Yusha: You know, now that I read your article again, it actually makes some sense; a thought about multi-subject blogs is that, since we all have our personal slants and preferences, we tend to focus on the articles that interest us at the moment and bypass or make light of other ones which, on another day, would be just as interesting.

    Journalism is a field that, like the other arts, encompasses any and every aspect of life, and I think is far more conducive to comprehending our world, our lives and our places in it than any specialized subject area. Specialized studies, on the other hand, can reveal critical details of a subject that might do the whole world some good, details that could be easily overlooked in a general-subject forum such as this one, especially with the rapid changes-of-subject here.

    A problem with public media, everywhere as best I can tell, is that they don’t follow through on stories well enough after the initial “flash,” to get down to the true “why’s” of matters. That’s a dangerous way to conceal b.s.

    Real originality is a function of personality, I believe, only coming from people who “think outside of the box.” Getting “out of the box” can be scary, but you see things from the advantage of perspective so much better, don’t you think?


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