What Color Is Your Jockstrap?

Gil Zeimer is an accomplished travel writer and globetrotter, who has visited four continents, skied in four countries, and scuba dived in both tropical and cold waters – there is much more.

He picked up a book by his fellow blogger and world-renowned traveler Jen LeoWhat Color Is Your Jockstrap? and reviewed book on his blog – Vagablond. He had sent me a copy some time ago. Thanks Gil.

Gil wrote, “Now I enjoy a story about projectile vomiting or chronic diarrhea as much as anyone, but I was falling off my chair while reading this outlandish collection with a new twist — stories from men.”

While reading, “Eavesdrop on Jim Benning’s phone call with a Chinese prostitute in “Lust and Translation”, spend all your money shooting off heavy weapons with Eben Strousse in “Guns and Frivolity in Cambodia”, hit on a smoking hot Argentinean with Elliott Hester in “Love and the Bad Empanada”, or fight a mob of Nepali taxi drivers with Rachel Thurston’s mother in “Mama Chihuahua, World’s fiercest Travel Partner.” Jockstrap stories include:

  • Dare to kiss a woman of Elliott Hester/s dreams in Argentina.
  • Qquestion Tamara Sheward’s sanity as she vacations in war-blasted Chechnya.
  • Discover that adventure king Tim Cahill has a fear of freshwater lakes?
  • Begin your marriage with a sick-off like Julia Weiler did in Mexico.
  • Grimace with Sean Presant as you flesh is eaten by fish in Turkey.
  • Hide behind Rachel Thurston’s mom as she takes on taxi drivers in India.
  • Have “fried rice with crap” for luch in Thailand with Rolf-potts.
  • Enjoy 900 holiday photographs from Laurie Notaro’s parents.
  • Spend you cash shooting machine guns with Eben Strousse in Cambodia.
  • Conquer your fear of flying with Susan Orlean and Skymall magazine.

I recommend reading What Color Is Your Jockstrap?: Funny Men and Women Write from the Road (Travelers’ Tales Guides). It just might be the perfect travel companion because it packs light, never questions your judgment, and makes you laugh.

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