Wearing Taweez for protection from Black Magic

During the pre-Islamic days of ignorance, people used to wear charms and amulets, which Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) strictly forbade. After Islam started to spread and people’s Eman became strong, he gave permission to wear Taweez. Until today Taweez is confused with charms, talismans and amulets, and people bring Hadith which label these as shirk and use them to say that Taweez is not allowed. Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) himself allowed the wearing of Taweez as is evident from this Hadith:

A child was crying, and they told him that it was due to the evil eye. Urwa said, “The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “Why do you not find someone to make a Taweez to protect him from the evil eye?” (Al-Muwatta Hadith 50.4 Guarding from the Evil Eye.)

There was a time when Arab scholars were ranting shirk, shirk, shirk without any understanding, but even though they have changed their opinion now, they have come up with the theory that Taweez has to be in Arabic. This is lack of knowledge on their part.

God fearing Amils write Taweez with Musk and others with Zafraan, and some with a simple pen, and they are not in Arabic, and yet they have helped people all over the world. Just because one does not understand something does not make it wrong.

It is not compulsory to get a Taweez for protection, and it is understood that there are a lot of frauds who claim to be Amils, so if a person wants to stay away then it is a personal choice. However, simply because one makes that choice does not give that person the right to slander Amils and Taweez.

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  1. I understand your methods and explanations, otherwise i read many other expert helping on black magic they are not easy and also confuse..
    but your methods are very easy and halpful..and didnt make any confusion.

  2. thank you sir.
    yes in my case the magician doing magic over and over and fast reactions felt by me whether i did your methods or other…i inform you that twitching is finish…bt from 2days it is again felt and my sleeplessness start and again movement…wel im doing consistently manzil sprinkling and drinking…as nowadys im from soum(FASTING)so i do this after sehri so i drink water…

    i recite Holy Quran in morning and evenging also.(.not due to this problem) ..as i like to live in sunnah way of life .. im following this after my college life…i never leave to recite Quran..bt now i have to do it must …

    i will follow your given method..im very very thankful to you sir..
    i play surah baqra on my cellphone during my work.
    and i recite surah mulk and all night duas before sleep
    and recite Ya Hafeez,Kalma,and other tasbihaat..100 times..well now i will recite Durood Sharif..

    wish you happy Eid ul adha..(ADVANCE):)

  3. sprinkling manzil water is enough for family members or not???

    Sprinkling Manzil water takes care of black magic on one’s house. It is not a security measure though. Any family members who may be suffering from black magic or are potential victims will have to drink Manzil water regularly.

    do you know about senna leaves for witchcraft treatment…?

    I have heard that Prophet Mohammad (SAW) used it for black magic treatment on others, but I am not sure about the process.

    and plz also tell me is this manzil method is enough for finishing the black magic/and its affects?or i have to do more?

    If black magic has been done once then Manzil water will surely be enough, but in a lot of cases the magicians do magic over and over again. In that case, you will need to be consistent with Manzil water and follow other methods such as that of Bismillah. You can also do the following. Recite the word Allah 100 times, blow on water and drink it. (An extension of Ya is not required, and neither is Darood Sharif). Recite the Holy Quran daily, even if it is for a few minutes, play Suran Baqarah on you PC and be punctual with the daily prayers. Also, if possible, try to be in the condition of wuzu at all times.

    sorry im asking you again…bt truly i didnt get restfull sleep in night.

    You are more than welcome to ask as many questions as you like. As for peaceful sleep, please recite Darood Sharif continuously after you go to bed. You can also recite it in your heart.

  4. but i will ask you more questions ..if i face problem.. or if not feel more positive results….
    sprinkling manzil water is enough for family members or not???
    do you know about senna leaves for witchcraft treatment…?
    and plz also tell me is this manzil method is enough for finishing the black magic/and its affects?or i have to do more?
    sorry im asking you again…bt truly i didnt get restfull sleep in night..i feel i didnt sleep..i want to get rid of this sleeplessness………..

  5. thank you for rep…i got all my answers…im happy.thank you very much..
    the method of reading manzil 3times in a row…is very effecrive..i feel relaxe ..otherwise i was fel that something is moving on me..twitching is also vey low…its like a fight between me and that thing…but inshaAllah ..i will recover soon.. this hope is because of your help..thanks alot…
    im sprinkling manzil water…hope fo the best for my family too…
    again thankful to you with lots of prayers…

  6. what to do with tawwez to wear,,,having numbers……in it..i open one time little of my taweez..to chk…i dont come in shirk…i like to get death rather than to have shirk solutions

    Numbers don’t automatically make a Taweez shirk. However, if you are uncomfortable, you don’t have to wear it.

    should i sprinkle manzil water in morning or after isha?…because no one knows that im going to do this.accept my mother..and im living in jeddah…in a rent flat..means this is not ours…if i start spray ..does it effects to other building people…or if we leave this flat..does this sprayig any other or only with my family…i dont want to harm any one other..for how many days..i sprinkle manzil water?

    You can sprinkle Manzil at any time of the day you like, as many times in a day as you like, and for as many days as you like. The method is very flexible and it does not harm anyone.

    welcome sir bt i have so many questions.

    Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have further questions.


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